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I’ve always been fasinated by the fact that whenever a liberal moron shows his true racist colors, pun intended, the idiot black liberals, such as Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, both give the offending moron on the left a pass. If these exact words were uttered by anyone on the right, they wouldn’t shut up until said offending Conservative were drawn and quartered.

You racist mongers can go take a flying leap. Don’t ever say another word about racism, if you can’t police your own racist bunch of assholes.

Remember the party that was actually against freeing the slaves? Yeah, those very same Democrats 90% of blacks vote for. Talk about stupid!

Oh, yeah, remember the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Yeah, that one. The very same piece of legislation that Johnson gets credit for from the left. That was fought tooth and nail by the Democrats. It was only after the idiot Johnson realized that there was no way he could fight the Republicans on the issue did he sign it into law. Yep, 90%  of blacks support the party that has done everything it can to keep them down. The party that continues to help suppress blacks by throwing every program they can think of that keeps the black family down in the dumps. Wake up America. This stupidity has to stop.

Harry Reid, Liberalism & Race
By E.W. Jackson Sr.// //

Harry Reid is developing a well-deserved reputation for playing the race card. Last month he accused opponents of his secret healthcare bill of being the same as those who opposed ending slavery. It was a highly objectionable historical analogy based on extremely flawed logic. Those who are fighting to stop ObamaCare are upholding the ideal of freedom — from government intrusion, confiscatory taxation and oppressive debt.
Reid, liberal Democrat and Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, has now admitted to a 2008 comment calling Obama “a light-skinned” African American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” Joe Biden said something similar during the presidential campaign when he opined that Barack Obama is “articulate, bright and clean.”