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This video is cool. Prirate in the White House.

FOX News “Fair and Balanced” and it’s true. Leftards across the country are squirming.

Leftist Blood-Curdling Scream Alert: CMPA Reports That Fox IS Fair and Balanced
By Tom Blumer

Leftists including those in the White House who presumptively and obsessively attack Fox News will not be pleased with this.

At Forbes (HT Hot Air Headlines), S. Robert Lichter of George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs, asks the question, “Fox News: Fair And Balanced?” — and answers in the affirmative. In the process, the GMU Professor of Communications also makes a number of interesting points about Fox’s competitors, discusses the convergence of news and analysis, and provides useful historical context.

Using a methodology that would be difficult to refute, Lichter’s work relating to campaign 2008 is in sync with what CMPA found in late 2007 (noted at the time at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog) during the opening stages of the presidential campaign.


Makes sense to me. That’s why I am armed and will shoot without hesitation.

Burglars fear residents more than the police
By Staff Reports

Today burglars fear the homeowner much more than the police. They know the police cannot shoot them for crimes against property and cannot chase them if they flee in a vehicle. When was the last time you heard of the Supreme Court handing down a ruling in favor of the victim and their property or more authority for the police to apprehend?

Burglars are familiar with how the criminal justice system works to their benefit from slap-on-wrist judges who hand out probation five or six times to sympathetic jurors who view a burglar’s drug addiction, abusive father or alcoholic mother as a valid excuse. They are also aware of jail overcrowding and budget cuts which lessens punishments for their crime.


Gum wrapper euphemisms and health care.

Debating Obama’s health care clichés
Carol Peracchio

When I was a little girl we would often purchase Bazooka® bubblegum. The gum wrapper consisted of a small comic strip (featuring a character called Bazooka Joe) and a fortune. The fortune was usually along the lines of “A great adventure awaits you.” Occasionally the fortune would be a cliché, such as “haste makes waste.”

As I listened to the Congressional Democrats recite their arguments for the Pelosi health care bill I was reminded of those Bazooka gum wrappers. Their speeches consisted of trite phrases devoid of any depth or intelligence, the words selected only for their emotional impact. Arguments that sound so compelling—as long as no measurable time is spent thinking about it. Here follows three gum wrapper arguments for health care reform made by the Democrats. There are many, many more.


Now His Heinous (sic) wants to take over all train/subway transportation. It’s his next step in government take-over of America. But you plead that it is just for the “safety” aspect of the system across the country! Yeah, that’s the ticket. Dream on douche bags, dream on.

Federal oversight of subways proposed

Red Line crash spurred safety plan Obama administration to push for Congress to change law
By Joe Stephens and Lena H. Sun

The Obama administration will propose that the federal government take over safety regulation of the nation’s subway and light-rail systems, responding to what it says is haphazard and ineffective oversight by state agencies.

Under the proposal, the U.S. Department of Transportation would do for transit what it does for airlines and Amtrak: set and enforce federal regulations to ensure that millions of passengers get to their destinations safely. Administration officials said the plan will be presented in coming weeks to Congress, which must approve a change in the law.

The proposal would affect every subway and light-rail system in the country, including large systems in Washington, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco..


This over at Ace about health care.

Study: Yeah, The House Health Reform Bill Would Screw A Lot Of Things Up And As An Added Bonus…Raise Costs.

Another one of those ‘faux’ studies funded by the eviiiiillll health insurance companies? Nope. This one is from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services…the agency that runs those programs for the government.

Democrats have promised that health reform would reduce health care costs, but legislation the House passed last week would increase costs over the next decade by $289 billion. By 2019, health costs would rise to 21.1 percent of GDP compared to 20.8 under current law, according to an actuarial report prepared by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“With the exception of the proposed reductions in Medicare payment updates for institutional providers, the provisions of H.R. 3962 would not have a significant impact on future health care cost growth rates. In addition, the longer-term viability of the Medicare update reductions is doubtful,” the report said.

In other words, outside of Medicare payment cuts to hospitals, the bill doesn’t curb increasing health care costs. And even the Medicare payment cuts will be difficult to sustain.


Read an interesting article from the Guardian. The left leaning slant of the author is plain for all to see, but other than that it hits some good points. If you can stomach the liberal bent, it paints an interesting picture of the future of politics and the right wing.

The new wave of female firebrands striking fear into liberal America

Right-wing radicals are already pinning presidential ambitions on a mother-of-five from Minnesota who calls herself a ‘fool for Christ’ and condemns Obama as a socialist at the head of a gangster regime

She is a striking brunette with a decidedly outspoken attitude. She lambasts President Barack Obama as a socialist and has become the darling of America’s right-wing activists who flock to her appearances. She is hated by liberals and loved by conservatives.

Sarah Palin? Not quite. Meet Michele Bachmann, a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota who is being hailed as a new and increasingly powerful voice in American politics.


If anyone knows Consitutional law, it’s Judge Nepolitano.