Fort Hood and Gun Control…

Posted: 9 Nov 2009 in Guns, Military, Second Amendment

Howard Nemerov has a few on the Fort Hood murders. The main reason it worked, they were all unarmed. If only one person at the scene had a concealed hand gun, there would be a lot less people dead and wounded right now. Guaranteed.

Unfortunately, military bases are one huge school zone, if you think about it. Yeah, there are plenty of weapons there. One problem. They are all locked up in an arms room.

The only ones armed are the MPs and civilian police.

It’s a recipe for this type of massacre and it will continue as long as the victims remain unarmed.

Fort Hood: Death by gun control

November 6, 10:08 AMAustin Gun Rights ExaminerHoward Nemerov

Yesterday at Fort Hood, disgruntled Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 12 soldiers and wounded 31 others before being shot and captured.

These soldiers were entrusted to carry fully automatic, military assault rifles when deployed to Afghanistan, where the shooter was about to be sent. But in America, these same soldiers are disarmed when on base. From the Associated Press:

Soldiers at Fort Hood don’t carry weapons unless they are doing training exercises.


First responders at Fort Hood: Fox News gets it wrong

November 7, 9:03 AMAustin Gun Rights ExaminerHoward Nemerov

When Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly committed mass murder at Fort Hood on Thursday, it took three minutes for armed response to arrive.

Fox News claims that the “first responders” arrived at a scene of “organized chaos.” This statement should arouse healthy suspicion in readers: If they are first responders, why was the scene already chaotic?


Fort Hood: Hasan’s Uncounted Victim?

November 8, 8:19 AMAustin Gun Rights ExaminerHoward Nemerov

In the media coverage of Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s mass murder of 13 unarmed Army personnel–and wounding of 29 more–at Fort Hood last Thursday, there was inconsistent coverage of one shooting victim. The consequences of this reach beyond the Fort Hood tragedy and increase the likelihood of future ones.

In most first-tier media reports containing the term “victim” in the title or lede, Police Sergeant Kimberly Munley wasn’t included.


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