Fort Hood Masacre

Posted: 5 Nov 2009 in Military, Terrorism, US Army
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My condolences to the Soldiers, Police and their families at Fort Hood, Texas.

12 dead, 31 wounded. THIS IS ABOUT ISLAM! Make no mistake about it.

Sources Identify Major as Gunman in Deadly Shooting Rampage at Fort Hood

A shooting rampage Thursday afternoon at the Army’s Fort Hood in Texas killed 11 and wounded 31 before the gunman was killed and two suspects taken into custody.

All three of the people believed to have carried out the shooting were soldiers, Lt. General Bob Cone told reporters Thursday evening, though the motive remains unclear.


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  2. W. T. Stambaugh says:

    You’re an ignorant ass. Ever cross your mind that Tim McVeigh was an evangelical “christian?”
    Murderers are following the basics of neither Islam or Christianity, or Judaism for that matter.

    A Note to Media: Know When to Say When
    New on
    Media Politicize Fort Hood Shootings… Disgusting

    • 1idvet says:

      Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorist are Muslim.
      You idiots are always throwing the McVeigh out there. Fact is douche bag, there are hundreds I can point to that are ALL related to Islam.
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  3. This is ad at our doorsteps whether u like it or not. If he wasntordered he was just a rando jihadi and it sickens me that he would do that after he served the Greatest country on earth! IT SICKENS ME!