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My condolences to the Soldiers, Police and their families at Fort Hood, Texas.

12 dead, 31 wounded. THIS IS ABOUT ISLAM! Make no mistake about it.

Sources Identify Major as Gunman in Deadly Shooting Rampage at Fort Hood

A shooting rampage Thursday afternoon at the Army’s Fort Hood in Texas killed 11 and wounded 31 before the gunman was killed and two suspects taken into custody.

All three of the people believed to have carried out the shooting were soldiers, Lt. General Bob Cone told reporters Thursday evening, though the motive remains unclear.


WTF? They’ve added more to it, and not one asshat Congress idiot has read it. Keep it up asshats. Your time is nearing its end.

A Simple Request

The 1,990-page Democratic plot to enable the government-rationing of your family’s health care has grown yet again, and now weighs in a bloating and putrid 2,032 pages long. The additional 42 pages recently added give the government even more control over your lives.

Of course, few—if any— of the Democratic Congressmen and women who are pushing this bill have actually read it.

Scratch that.

Not one member of Congress in either party has read the bill in its entirety. Therefore, none understand it fully, and I’d wager that no one member even understands a majority of the bill in any detail.

The Republicans, God bless them, have enough common sense to refuse to vote to give the government life-and-death control over your lives. The last we’ve heard, not a single one of them will vote in favor of a bill that is so massive and convoluted that no single human being can understand it.


And yes Virginia, the House Abortion of a Bill does have funding for abortions. It’s wrapped up in a money laundering scheme.

Obamacare Does Too Fund Abortions With Tax Dollars (and a Spiffy Money-Laundering Scheme)
Blue Collar Muse

Reprinted from Erick Erickson’s post at RedState.

I just got this from Doug over at National Right to Life. Please do read it ASAP:

Speaker Pelosi, Henry Waxman, and the White House are engaged in peddling another phony compromise. This is all theater. The “negotiations” are scripted ad phony. The language being circulated, and loosely associated with Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-In.), does not mitigate either of the abortion-subsidy provisions contained in H.R. 3962. This language is intended only to wrap the pro-abortion provisions in additional layers of concealment. The latest version of the Democrats’ abortion compromise being circulated contains a money-laundering scheme that is truly laughable. Some of the people involved in this enterprise apparently think that their constituents are simpletons.


May socialism in all its rotten forms die a miserable death and be relegated to the dust bin of history. Socialism in all its forms has NEVER worked. It has always led to economic ruin and the squashing of liberty. America isn’t going to sit by and let that happen. There are only 20% of Americans that consider themselves liberal socialists. The so called “progressives” aren’t for the little guy, or the poor. They never were. It has always been about power for them. Centralized power, to control the masses and shape America in an image it was never intended to be. 2010 will likely bring this socialist nightmare to an end.

The Great Mystery
Steve McCann

One of the great mysteries in today’s United States is how a country founded on the principle of individual freedom, having achieved great wealth and world influence, could have developed a political class bent on transforming the nation into a collective dominated by a powerful central government.

The history of man is replete with the rise and fall of major civilizations. The downfall of these societies inevitably stemmed from a prolonged period without adversity, which in turn generated internal strife and political and monetary greed. In due course, these empires were easily conquered or dominated by others.


Now they want to squelch free speech. If this country doesn’t wake up soon and toss these assholes out, there will be hell to pay.

Obama-Pelosi to Health Insurers: Shut Up or We’ll Shut You Down
Brad O’Leary

President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and their Democratic followers in Congress have a rather draconian message for the private sector: Speak now, and we’ll make you forever hold your peace.

Up until a few weeks ago, America’s health insurers were sheepishly on board with the Obama-Pelosi health care reform plan. Perhaps the industry feared that voicing any concern about the plan would unleash the ire of an increasingly rabid Democratic majority on Capitol Hill. As it turns out, the health insurers were right.