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USS New York…

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USS New York makes her voyage to New York:

The USS New York sails past Ground Zero as it arrives in New York Harbor November 2, 2009. Steel salvaged from the World Trade Center is forged into the bow of the ship, which bears a crest featuring a phoenix rising from the twin towers and the words “Never Forget”.

Sometimes, cops have way too much power over human life. In this case, I feel that this particular scumbag in a uniform should be charged with murder.

NEVER Seek “Help” from the State’s Armed Enforcers
By William Grigg

Niles Leo Meservey, a 51-year-old resident of Stanwood, Washington, was drunk and belligerent when he slumped into the seat behind the steering wheel of his Corvette last June 10.

Meservey had been cut off by the bartender after he had inflicted his unwanted attention on a couple of women at a nearby club, briefly dragging one of them onto the dance floor.

Several people were worried about the prospect of the intoxicated man attempting to drive home when he clearly presented a risk to himself and others. One of them, Trisha Tribble, called 911.


Yep. The debate on global warming is over! Global warming alarmists are the ones that lost.

Denying Global Warming
By Allie Winegar Duzett

CNN and ABC would have you believe the debate on global warming is over; Dr. Richard S. Lindzen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology agrees. However, while the mainstream media shouts from the rooftop that global warming is manmade, Dr. Lindzen takes the opposite point of view: the debate is over, he says, but anthropogenic global warming (AGW) alarmists lost the argument. The science is here and it shows that humans do not affect climate in any meaningful way.

When Dr. Lindzen is asked if he is a global warming skeptic, he says he is not. “I am a global warming denier,” he corrects his questioners. The reasons for this position of his are many, and Dr. Lindzen expressed his opinion that if others did the research he has done, they would deny AGW as well.


Another RINO bites the dust…And another one gone, another one gone, another RINO bites the dust…

And then endorses a Democrat. I saw this one coming. Vote on the principles, not the party. I don’t trust the RNC any more than I do a Democrat.

Wow! Look What the Establishment ‘Republican’ Just Did
By Bobby Eberle

On Friday, I talked about the battle going on in the special election for New York’s 23rd congressional district. More and more Republicans were coming out in support of Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman despite the fact that the “Republican” in the race, Dede Scozzafava, had the support of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and the likes of Newt Gingrich.

As with many things in politics, wait a few days, and everything changes. Not only is Scozzafava out of the race, but her follow-up endorsement should be a strong kick in the teeth to the NRCC, Gingrich, and anyone else who tried to sell us on the fact that she was a “Republican.” Now, the real race is on!


Since I can’t post my response there, I’m doing it here.

Read this bullshit over at Blackfive:

My guess is, working around a bunch of Marines in the WH there is an example he’s trying to follow.  I’d love to hear who has worked with him on rendering a proper salute.  His salute IS in a more Marine-style than Army (‘official’ Army salutes tilt the hand forward a tad, and slightly cup the palm) so that’s why I’m guessing it’s a Marine influence.

While I generally agree with Blackfive on many things, this particular bit of drivel is a bit offensive. There is no difference in salutes across the services.  It is called the “military hand salute” not the Marine salute, or Army salute mor0n. They are one and the same. For him to imply otherwise shows his bias towards Marines and the typical PR move that the Marines are famous for. Say it often enough and loudly, or just insert Marine in the quote and it must be true.

Marines often get credit for shit the Army did too, that really pisses me off. I have seen this for over 20 years. Am I sensitive to it? Yep. Damn straight. The Army doesn’t “cup” their hand when saluting. Never have, never will.

Here’s the Army’s version

Hand Salute

The Hand Salute is a one-count movement. The command is Present, ARMS. The Hand

Salute may be executed while marching. When marching, only the soldier in charge of the formation salutes and acknowledges salutes. When double-timing, an individual soldier must come to Quick Time before saluting.

a. When wearing headgear with a visor (with or without glasses), on the command of execution ARMS, raise the right hand sharply, fingers and thumb extended and joined, palm facing down, and place the tip of the right forefinger on the rim of the visor slightly to the right of the right eye. The outer edge of the hand is barely canted downward so that neither the back of the hand nor the palm is clearly visible from the front. The hand and wrist are straight, the elbow inclined slightly forward, and the upper arm horizontal.

Anyone see the words “cup the palm” in there? Didn’t think so.

Here’s the NAVY/Marine version (Emphasis on NAVY).

The hand salute usually refers to a salute rendered by personnel in uniform. Except when walking, you should be at attention when saluting. In any  case,  turn  your  head  and  eyes  toward  the  person you’re saluting (unless it is inappropriate to do so, such as when a division in ranks salutes an inspecting officer on command). Navy personnel salute the anthem, the flag, and officers as follows: · Raise the right hand smartly until the tip of the forefingers   touches   the   lower   part   of   the headgear  or  forehead  above  and  slightly  to  the right of the eye (fig. 9-1). · Extend and join the thumb and fingers. · Turn  the  palm  slightly  inward  until  the  person saluting can just see its surface from the corner of the right eye. · The  upper  arm  is  parallel  to  the  ground;  the elbow is slightly in front of the body. · Incline the forearm at a 45º angle; hand and wrist are in a straight line. · Complete   the   salute   (after   it   is   returned)   by dropping  the  arm  to  its  normal  position  in  one sharp, clean motion.

Nice try Mr. Wolf, but you are full of shit on this one.