There’s still that lingering question about the usurper in the White House. Where’s the birth certificate? I had to provide one to join the military. I also had to provide it for a security clearance investigation. I also had to provide proof to my employer.


Here’s a nice new twist to it:

Obama Citizenship Question Makes Local Florida Paper

David Scrimshaw, writing in the Winterhaven (Florida) NewsChief (though mistaken about this intriguing question being new) identifies a key biographic detail demonstrating that, yes, Virginia, there are unanswered questions about Barack Obama’s native born citizenship.

Despite the inclination of establishment media to dismiss issues of Obama’s citizenship status, questions continue to surface in wider circles of American society.


  1. DangerB says:

    Rush mentioned it briefly today.

    Hell. I have to provide two forms of I.D. and a thumbprint to cash a paycheque.