Here’s an interesting look at a bill in Tennessee that may be something that comes to play later with Obama’s dumbass trying to reform health care.

How is HB2289 Even Constitutional?
Blue Collar Muse

As one might imagine, the revelation that the State of Tennessee is considering forcing insurance companies to provide them with the private medical and health information of Tennessee policyholders is generating some buzz.  There’s a link-fest at the end of this post.  But not all folks have landed on the same side of the fence as me.  At least one friend wrote in response to yesterday’s post that she welcomed the database and the good she believed it would do in the area of consumer education and advocacy for availability of service and fair pricing.

Kay Brooks begins the discussion of those issues specifically at her blog.  She was not responding to my friend, just taking up the idea that bills like HB2289 may not be the best way for Government to address those concerns.  In yesterday’s post, I had mentioned there were other reasons to oppose HB2289 beyond those I listed.  One, which I did not address there, I shared with my friend in ‘Comments’.  It regards my belief HB2289 is bad legislation because, in addition to my earlier points, I cannot see it being upheld as Constitutional.


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