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Those EVIL guns are to blame! Wait, it’s really the knives…

Great News! Fewer Gun Deaths, More Knife Deaths

Kurt Hoffman finds the liberal perspective on guns just a bit bizarre.
One puzzling characteristic of citizen disarmament advocates is their bizarre apparent belief that “gun violence” is somehow “worse” than other forms of violence. One would think that being stabbed, beaten, bludgeoned, strangled, etc. to death would be just as bad as being shot to death, but apparently that’s not a universally held belief.



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Is there revolution in the air? It seems that there may already be one going on right now. Here’s an interesting and poignant essay from American Thinker. I believe that we are either very close to revolution, or as Mr. Meyer states, already in one.

Herbert E. Meyer

During the last 30 years we Americans have been so politically divided that some of us have called this left-right, liberal-conservative split a “culture war” or even a “second Civil War.”  These descriptions are no longer accurate.  The precise, technical word for what is happening in the United States today is revolution.

Because of our country’s history, we tend to think of revolutions as military conflicts, and of the revolutionaries as the good guys; the image of Minutemen fighting valiantly against the British forces at Lexington and Concord lies deep within our DNA.  But sometimes — quite often, actually — revolutions aren’t military conflicts, and the good guys are the ones trying to keep the revolution from happening.  In January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany by its elected president; he would spend the next two years consolidating his power with the legislative connivance of his political allies in the Reichstag.  In October 1917, Lenin and his Bolsheviks took control of Russia from Kerensky and his Social Democrats — who had overthrown the Czar earlier that year — entirely through parliamentary maneuvering in Russia’s fledgling Duma.


And a crushing defeat for the idiots in the California Legislature and the moron governor. Now they have to go back to the old drawing board and figure out a solution. It’s rather simple, in my mind anyway. Every program that is geared towards illegal aliens should be cut. All the rest of the programs that this state has should be cut by 10% every year for the next 4 years. No new spending allowed. Cut corporate taxes and cut taxes on those that create the jobs in the first place. If you can’t get the unions to play ball, file bankruptcy, toss out all the union contracts and negotiate new contracts from a position of take it, or leave it. Problem solved.

Vote for me! I am the right guy for all the wrong reasons…

California voters kill budget measures
Only salary curbs survive in a rout of Schwarzenegger’s slate of reforms
By Eric Bailey

Reporting from Sacramento — The “big five” elected leaders — Schwarzenegger and the legislative chieftains from both houses — are slated to begin closed-door meetings today upon the governor’s return from Washington, where he spent election day after casting a last-minute absentee ballot.

On Thursday a small group of Senate and Assembly members will hold the first of what’s expected to be a slew of daily public sessions to wrangle over the details of the budget.


Election results map:


Media Unhappy At California Results; Blame Voters

Today the voters had a temper tantrum… Angry White Men etc.

The LA Times is right about this, though:

Californians are well known for periodic voter revolts, but on Tuesday they did more than just lash out at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature over the state’s fiscal debacle.

By rejecting five budget measures, Californians also brought into stark relief the fact that they, too, share blame for the political dysfunction that has brought California to the brink of insolvency.

They do bear the blame. Because they vote for Democratic control.

The priority of the Republican Party is to not raise taxes (and cut them, if possible). The priority of the Democrat Party is to not cut government spending and public-sector employees’ salaries and numbers (and increase them, if possible).



Is California Too Big to Fail?

So what about California?  A reader asks.  Ummm, that’s a tough one.  No, wait, it’s not:  California is completely, totally, irreparably hosed.  And not a little garden hose.  More like this.  Their outflow is bigger than their inflow.  You can blame Republicans who won’t pass a budget, or Democrats who spend every single cent of tax money that comes in during the booms, borrow some more, and then act all surprised when revenues, in a totally unprecedented, inexplicable, and unforeseeable chain of events, fall during a recession.  You can blame the initiative process, and the uneducated voters who try to vote themselves rich by picking their own pockets.  Whoever is to blame, the state was bound to go broke one day, and hey, today’s that day!


Fire that bitch! I’ve been saying that for years. I was aghast when she was made Speaker of the House. “WTF are you thinking,” was running through my head. Now, it is time to fire that bitch and not just as Speaker, but as a Congressman. FIRE THAT BITCH!

I think they should all be fired and term limits should be emplaced to keep these creatures from ruining America any more than they already have. Congress should not be a career. Politicians are liars and the longer they are in Congress, the better they get at the lying. Fire them all!

Gingrich: Pelosi ‘Disqualified Herself’ From Being Speaker

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich today flatly declared that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be replaced in the wake of her allegation that the CIA lied to her about harsh interrogation techniques.

“She really disqualified herself to be speaker,” Gingrich, R-Ga., told Diane Sawyer on ABC’s “Good Morning America. “I think the Democrats should get a new speaker.”