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Here’s an interesting look at a bill in Tennessee that may be something that comes to play later with Obama’s dumbass trying to reform health care.

How is HB2289 Even Constitutional?
Blue Collar Muse

As one might imagine, the revelation that the State of Tennessee is considering forcing insurance companies to provide them with the private medical and health information of Tennessee policyholders is generating some buzz.  There’s a link-fest at the end of this post.  But not all folks have landed on the same side of the fence as me.  At least one friend wrote in response to yesterday’s post that she welcomed the database and the good she believed it would do in the area of consumer education and advocacy for availability of service and fair pricing.

Kay Brooks begins the discussion of those issues specifically at her blog.  She was not responding to my friend, just taking up the idea that bills like HB2289 may not be the best way for Government to address those concerns.  In yesterday’s post, I had mentioned there were other reasons to oppose HB2289 beyond those I listed.  One, which I did not address there, I shared with my friend in ‘Comments’.  It regards my belief HB2289 is bad legislation because, in addition to my earlier points, I cannot see it being upheld as Constitutional.


Sotomayor is a racist and isn’t really the best qualified in the country to sit on the SCOTUS. Obambi only chose her because of her race and the fact that as a woman minority, the Republicans will look like racists if they oppose her. Obama is one conniving piece of shit. Got give him his creds, eh?

Sotomayor is unqualified to be on the SCOTUS for more than the fact that she is a racist. She is also a judge that legislates from the bench and in no way shape, or form applies the Constitution in her decisions. Even the lefty law scholars have said so.

I could do several pages on this, but I’ll just give you some links with a lead in on this.

Consider this; if Sotomayor was a white dude with exactly the same credentials, there wouldn’t be much said, other than “he isn’t qualified” to sit on the bench of the SCOTUS.

Now for the round up…

Ace of Spades has a take on this as well.

More Sotomayor: Kinda Dumb and Nasty

From TNR.

As was once said, approximately, of an intellectual lightweight’s nomination: Dumb people are entitled to representation, too.

The most consistent concern was that Sotomayor, although an able lawyer, was “not that smart and kind of a bully on the bench,” as one former Second Circuit clerk for another judge put it. “She has an inflated opinion of herself, and is domineering during oral arguments, but her questions aren’t penetrating and don’t get to the heart of the issue.”


What If Sotomayor Were White?
By Andrew Cline

Take everything that is known about Sonia Sotomayor and change three factors — her race, sex, and family’s initial socioeconomic status — and the points cited in praise of her selection would be diminished by more than 50 percent. The complimentary commentary would be reduced to: Mr. Sotomayor graduated summa cum laude from Princeton and has had a breadth of experience over his lengthy legal career. That’s it.


I Feel Your Pain. Not Theirs. Yours.
by Ann Coulter

God save us from liberal “empathy.” After President Barack Obama announced his empathetic Supreme Court nominee this week, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, we found out that some people are more deserving of empathy than others.

For example, Judge Sotomayor apparently “empathized” more with New Haven, Conn., government officials than with white and Hispanic firefighters who were denied promotions by the city on the basis of their race.

Let’s hope she’s as empathetic to New Haven residents who die in fires fought by inferior firefighters as a result of her decision.


Sotomayor’s Court Record: Lame or Controversial?
by Jillian Bandes

In initial reviews of Sotomayor’s court record, a trend emerges: many of her questionable court decisions have been made per curiam, or, as part of an unsigned decision made by a group of judges, while the decisions she signs her name to are relatively unremarkable.

It’s not a unique trend, and only a moderately useful lens through which to view her judicial record. It’s usually difficult to tell why a decision is authored per curiam, because one court may use the method frequently to write its decisions, while another never uses it. Furthermore, the decision to issue a ruling in this manner may be made by any judge who is working with her – so Sotomayor is not necessarily responsible.


The Future of Affirmative Action
by Michael Reagan

Yesterday’s nomination of Judge Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court was a historic moment that all Americans should appreciate. Her life story represents the great promise of the American dream — Sotomayor has lived in both a public housing project in the Bronx and in the dorm rooms of Princeton and Yale.

Through hard work, education, and the support of her family, Judge Sotomayor has achieved so much, and she should be congratulated on her many successes.


Some Key Questions for Sonia Sotomayor
by Robert Knight

When Senators get a chance to vet Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, there are some important questions that they may want to get to the bottom of.

Judicial philosophy – Ms. Sotomayor, in the Berkeley La Raza Law Journal, you were quoted in your speech “A Latina Judge’s Voice” as saying:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

You also said “our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging.”


Biography and the Law
by Cal Thomas

In introducing his choice to replace Justice David Souter on the U.S. Supreme Court, President Obama touted Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s biography. He noted her humble beginnings: she grew up in a housing project in the Bronx; a child of Puerto Rican parents; a father who died when she was nine; a mother who worked six days a week as a nurse so she and her brother could go to Catholic school.

If these humble beginnings mattered, as they relate to Sotomayor’s view of the Constitution, Clarence Thomas should have sailed through his confirmation hearings instead of being subjected to “a high-tech lynching,” as he famously put it. Clarence Thomas also came from humble beginnings (as did George W. Bush’s Hispanic Attorney General Alberto Gonzales), but biography matters only if you’re a liberal. If you evolve into a conservative, it is irrelevant, at least to the elites.


Entering the Trap
by Michael Gerson

WASHINGTON — It is a trap.

Republicans are now poised to oppose an accomplished Latina federal judge for the Supreme Court, further alienating Hispanic voters the GOP has recently driven away in droves. The main line of Republican criticism is likely to concern affirmative action — which might provoke conservative extremists to predictable extremes and confirm an image of Republicans as the party of the male and pale.

President Obama’s choice of Judge Sotomayor was not cynical; she exactly mirrors his judicial philosophy of “empathy.” But it is still a trap.


Sotomayor’s Fake ‘Bipartisan’ Street Cred

by Jillian Bandes

Sonia Sotomayor became a District Court judge under former President George H.W. Bush, but that doesn’t mean Bush or any other Republican actually supported her nomination.

Obama claimed that her nomination by both Bush to the district court and former President Bill Clinton to the Federal Court of Appeals represents the kind of bipartisan appeal that is “a measure of her qualities and her qualifications.” But Bush’s putting her on the bench was merely part of a larger scheme of political tradeoffs, common with lower court judicial appointments, where one individual is approved to clear the way for another.


Questions for Judge Sotomayor: What Are Her “Superprecedents?”
by Hugh Hewitt

Over at my blog,, I have written a couple of posts urging Republican senators and conservative activists to exercise great caution in their approach to the nomination of Judge Sotomayor.  The judge has a long record of service and accomplishment, and an inspiring personal story of hard work and achievement against a backdrop of a childhood lived under straightened circumstances.  This is the sort of story that Republicans cheered when it was part of the case for Justice Thomas and Justice Alito, and we ought to cheer it again.  America is a great, great land of opportunity that allows even its recent arrivals to the mainland to provide education and opportunity for their children.  Judge Sotomayor’s parents must have made remarkable sacrifices for their children, and the judge must have matched those sacrifices with incredible hard work.


Meanwhile, North Korea is really starting to piss on everyone’s Wheaties.  The main question here is what will his majesty Teh One do about it? My guess; diddly squat. He’ll probably take a deep bow and kiss Kim Jon Mentally Il’s ass. Obama has no balls.

NKorea threatens to attack US, SKorean warships

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea threatened military action Wednesday against U.S. and South Korean warships plying the waters near the Koreas’ disputed maritime border, raising the specter of a naval clash just days after the regime’s underground nuclear test.

In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned that Pyongyang faced unspecified consequences because of its “provocative and belligerent” acts.

Pyongyang, reacting angrily to Seoul’s decision to join an international program to intercept ships suspected of aiding nuclear proliferation, called South Korea’s decision tantamount to a declaration of war.



Defeating a Hitler with nukes: Nothing else matters
James Lewis

May 25, 2009: Kim Jong-Il explodes his first full-sized nuclear bomb .  This day shall live in infamy.

North Korea helped build a secret nuclear power plant in Syria, which was destroyed by the Israeli Air Force in 2007 while the CIA was still asleep. North Korea sells nuclear and missile technology to Iran and Pakistan. Kim can easily sell his nuclear Bomb in the Middle East; today his bomb also threatens Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Like it or not, we are being dragged into the Second Age of Nuclear Terror.

Nothing else matters now.

Forget Obama’s grabbing the banks and the car companies. Forget his eleven trillion dollars of new debt for the next generation. Forget his egomania. Eight years after the jihad assault of 9/11, 2001, on New York City and Washington, D.C., we are back to national life or death. Americans were suckered into believing that the world was suddenly a safe place, and elected a grossly unqualified Chicago pol to lead the nation, because he looked good on TV. That is a mistake we may come to bitterly regret.


Global Warming in the news.

The following links are taken from the Competitive Enterprise Institutes email:

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Marlo Lewis,, 22 May 2009

Waxman-Markey Bill Jury-rigged for Special Interests

Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post, 22 May 2009

The Climate-Industrial Complex

Bjorn Lomborg, Wall Street Journal, 20 May 2009

Democrats May Make Trouble for Climate Bill

Lisa Lerer and Patrick O’Connor, Politico, 22 May 2009

Waxman-Markey Full of Unpleasant Surprises

The Washington Examiner, 22 May 2009

Warnings from the Left Coast

Rep. Tom McClintock, 21 May 2009

California’s Sorry State Points to America’s Future

Iain Murray and William Yeatman, Fox Forum, 20 May 2009

Cap and Trade is a License to Cheat and Steal

William O’Keefe, San Francisco Examiner, 18 May 2009

Cap and Trade or Coaches and Horses

Financial Times, 18 May 2009

Waxman-Markey Will Wreck U.S. Economy

Washington Examiner, 18 May 2009

Is Wind the Next Ethanol?

Ben Lieberman, Washington Times, 17 May 2009

Mark Mills: Prophet in His Own Time?

Marlo Lewis,, 15 May 2009

Belated Memorial Day…

Posted: 27 May 2009 in Military, Truth
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I missed posting the last few days. I was out of state Monday and had to run around for some pre-op stuff on Tuesday.

Normally I make a post about Memorial Day. It has more meaning to me than I suppose most. I lost a good friend to Iraqi Freedom in 2006. I miss him and not just on Memorial Day. He was my son’s godfather and not just an acquaintance.

His memory will always be with me.

I also think about the millions of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines that have died in defense of this country. I think about it a lot differently than I did when I was younger. It’s not just the “unofficial start of summer” for me.

I pray for the safe return of those currently deployed and know full well that some will pay the ultimate price and will have a profound effect on their loved ones and friends forever.

To them, I say thank you. To their families, I say thank you. God Bless you all.

This review is funny as well as enlightening. I highly recommend it.

Honda Insight 1.3 IMA SE Hybrid

Much has been written about the Insight, Honda’s new low-priced hybrid. We’ve been told how much carbon dioxide it produces, how its dashboard encourages frugal driving by glowing green when you’re easy on the throttle and how it is the dawn of all things. The beginning of days.

So far, though, you have not been told what it’s like as a car; as a tool for moving you, your friends and your things from place to place.


Where’s my mortgage payment and gas dude? She said Obama was gonna pay my gas and mortgage! WTF? Where’s it at?

The Magic Negro fails again…

Obama’s Magic Hat
By Gary Horne

Many Obama voters now expect the President to pull utopia out of his magician’s hat. What will they do when the hat turns out to be empty?

In the dream, the magician came on stage amid a robust round of applause.  He took the magician’s hat off the table and showed the audience it was empty inside.  Then to everyone’s amazement he pulled a rabbit from the hat.  “That was nothing,” he said.  The audience waited as the magician put his hand deep into the hat.  Then suddenly out came;  Free health care for all!  No waiting, no horror stories, everyone will be taken care of and no one will pay.