Impeach Obama, and Fire Congress…

Posted: 29 Apr 2009 in Axis of Idiots, Comarade Obama, Congress, Lies, Stupid People
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I am already calling for his removal from office. Impeach Obama now! Do it before this country is in ruins. In fact, fire every sitting politician in federal government right now. Every one of them, impose term limits and clean out the government from top to bottom. It is the only way America will be saved. That’s my opinion, and I am sticking to it.

When the Obama Backlash Comes
Jeff Lukens

Public opinion can be very fickle. Barack Obama has ridden a positive wave of opinion all the way to the White House. The public has welcomed him into office in that same spirit of hope in which he ran. Since the inauguration, however, the President is showing he has different plans than the ones he spoke about during the campaign. It should come as no surprise when the public turns on him just as easily as he has turned on them.


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