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Don’t have time to do much analysis for the next few days, but I do have a list of reading for you.

It should be more than Republicans criticizing the DHS. But since liberals are in the tank for Obama, heads so far up his ass that they can’t see any day light, it’s not surprising to me.

Republicans criticize report on right-wing groups

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republicans on Wednesday said a Homeland Security Department intelligence assessment unfairly characterizes military veterans as right-wing extremists.

House Republican leader John Boehner described the report as offensive and called on the agency to apologize to veterans.

I have two words: FIRE Congress.

Thousands of Anti-Tax ‘Tea Party’ Protesters Turn Out in U.S. Cities

Chants like “Give me liberty, not debt” and “Our kids can’t afford you” were heard across several U.S. cities Wednesday as anti-tax “tea party” protesters took to the streets to voice their opposition to big government spending.

Thousands of protesters — some dressed in colonial wigs with tea bags hanging from their eyeglasses — showed up in states from California to Kentucky to Massachusetts, holding signs and reading speeches lambasting the Obama administration’s tax-and-spend policies.

Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House Request

( – Georgetown University says it covered over the monogram “IHS”–symbolizing the name of Jesus Christ-because it was inscribed on a pediment on the stage where President Obama spoke at the university on Tuesday and the White House had asked Georgetown to cover up all signs and symbols there.

Dimon Says He’s Eager to Repay ‘Scarlet Letter’ TARP

April 16 (Bloomberg) — JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon, who today reported first-quarter profit that beat analysts’ expectations, said his firm could repay U.S. government rescue funds “tomorrow.”

JPMorgan Profit Beats Estimates on Record Revenue

April 16 (Bloomberg) — JPMorgan Chase & Co., the second- largest U.S. bank by assets, reported profit for the first quarter that beat analysts’ estimates on record fixed-income trading revenue.

Fear and Greed Have Sales of Guns and Ammo Shooting Up

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — The way Jay Chambers sees it, the semiautomatic weapons in his firearm collection might be the most promising investment in his financial portfolio.

Like many gun enthusiasts, Mr. Chambers, a manager for a door wholesaler here, believes President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress soon will reimpose a version of an expired federal ban on the sale of so-called assault weapons. If such a law passes, he figures his collection — enough guns, ammo magazines and weapon parts to assemble about 30 AK-47s, AR-15s and other semiautomatic rifles — could triple in value.

This is funny. Boo freakin’ hoo CNN! You suck.

CNN Reporter at Chicago Tea Party: It’s “Anti-CNN Since This is Highly Promoted By the Right-Wing, Conservative Network Fox”

CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen could barely get through her live shot at the Chicago tea party this afternoon. Over shouts of, “You’re not a reporter,” Roesgen quickly wrapped up an interview with an attendee, then said, “I think you get the general tenor of this. It’s anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox.”


THE top suits and some of the on-air talent at CNBC were recently ordered to a top-secret meeting with General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt and NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker to discuss whether they’ve turned into the President Obama-bashing network, Page Six has learned.

Teach your children well…

N.Y. Boy Made Plastic Parachute, Took Death Dive

NEW YORK –  A friend says a 9-year-old New York City boy might have been imitating a video game character when he apparently made a plastic parachute and jumped to his death from his apartment building’s roof.

California Sunday School Teacher Mistaken for Accused Child Killer

MANTECA, Calif. –  Melissa Huckaby, the Tracy woman accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering a neighbor girl, has been described as a 28-year-old Sunday school teacher and single mother of a 5-year-old.

RALPH PETERS: Fire Janet Napolitano


She [Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano] needs to be fired for her bigoted attitudes toward our military veterans. Then give her a job at the International House of Pancakes because she’s good with waffles.

Look, Janet “from-another-planet” Napolitano has forbade the use of the term Islamist terrorist or Muslim terrorist within the Department of Homeland Security. In fact, she doesn’t want the word terrorist used at all.

Governor Says Texans May Want to Secede From Union But Probably Won’t

Texas Gov. Rick Perry fired up an anti-tax “tea party” Wednesday with his stance against the federal government and for states’ rights as some in his U.S. flag-waving audience shouted, “Secede!”

UNC Liberals: No Free Speech Here

Once again, “progressive” students at a college disrupt an invited speaker, former Congressman Tom Tancredo. From the Raleigh News:

Tom Tancredo didn’t make it through his talk. In fact, he left campus early after protesters interrupted his speech and broke a window.

The Politicization of the Department of Homeland Security

The recently released Department of Homeland Security assessment of rightwing extremism represents an alarming politicization of that huge federal agency.

The 10-pages document is entitled: “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.”  Its source is the Extremism and Radicalization Branch of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis Assessment, of the Department of Homeland Security.  (Imagine the size of their security badges.)

Where We Must Make a Stand

There was a time when the Left reflexively sided with criminal defendants.  Rapists like Huey Newton, terrorists like the Weathermen, and bank robbers like Angela Davis were “political prisoners.”  The System was used to crush dissent.  The Left deemed police and prosecutors as the enemy.  The rest of us saw prosecutors as our allies.

Obama Flunks the 3 A.M. Test

While President Obama was speaking in Prague about nuclear disarmament, North Korea delivered the most tellingly timed comment on The Trip. The Pyongyang rouge regime — proprietor of a nuclear arsenal — defiantly launched an intercontinental multi-stage rocket in violation of an explicit U.N. Security Council resolution.  The President used strong words about the rocket launch:

“Rules must be binding.  Violations must be punished.  Words must mean something.”

Obama flunked his first 3 A.M. test.

Tea Parties about Far More than Taxes

Many writers have dubbed the Tax Day Tea Parties as inconsequential, a fad that will die quickly, and of foolish origins that have nothing to do with the American patriots of revolutionary days.  Patriots dumped a ship full of tea into Boston Harbor, these folks contend, to protest one thing: taxation without representation.  We modern patriots have representation and are therefore insane to protest, or so this line of argument goes.

Enemy of the State?

According to the notorious recent government report, I am a “radical right wing extremist.”

If you didn’t vote for Barack Obama, if you’re unhappy with our tanking economy and the government’s complicity in said tanking, or perhaps more odiously, you are a war veteran – you are, for all intents and purposes, an enemy of the state, subject to surveillance by law enforcement and security officials, who have been officially advised of  the danger you represent.

Economic Prosperity vs. Deficit Spending

On April 14th, the US Federal Reserve continued on a path that was almost unthinkable as little as six months ago.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York bought $7.3 billion in US Treasuries on Tuesday, part of a program to improve conditions in private credit markets and spur lending. The debt bought included notes maturing between 2013 and 2016. Dealers submitted $26.4 billion in debt to be purchased. The Fed will continue its buybacks with a third operation this week, heading towards purchasing $300 billion in Treasury securities over the next six months.

To put this in perspective, $300 billion is larger than the annual entire federal deficit for the years 2005 to 2008 (before TARP).  The Federal Reserve is essentially printing this money.

The Power of the People and the Disgrace of the Media

Thousands and thousands of people took to the streets on Wednesday to send a message. They gathered in groups large and small, waving signs, shouting slogans, and calling for real change. Was this a one-time event or the start of something bigger? I’ll look at it further, but one thing is clear, in many places across the country, people had to brave the wind, rain, and cold in order for their voices to be heard… and they still showed up.

On the other end of the spectrum was the behavior of the so-called mainstream media. Their actions, comments, and coverage of the tea party protests were beyond unprofessional. They showed in one brief day that there is no such thing as journalistic standards and that they will do everything they can to belittle the voice of concerned Americans if that voice runs counter to their left-wing agenda. Pathetic.

The Obama Administration Says We’re Dangerous, Rightwing Extremists

Do you reject “federal authority in favor of state or local authority,” or “government authority entirely”? Are you “dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration”?

If so, you are a dangerous, rightwing extremist according to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security, which bans the use of the word “terrorist” unless it’s applied to us rightwing extremists who, for example, are so extreme as to view the grisly murder of the unborn in their mothers’ wombs as cold-blooded murder.

Obama’s Recipe For Change Not My Cup of Tea

I had no idea how important this week’s nationwide anti-tax tea parties were until hearing liberals denounce them with such ferocity. The New York Times’ Paul Krugman wrote a column attacking the tea parties, apologizing for making fun of “crazy people.” It’s OK, Paul, you’re allowed to do that for the same reason Jews can make fun of Jews.

On MSNBC, hosts Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have been tittering over the similarity of the name “tea parties” to an obscure homosexual sexual practice known as “tea bagging.” Night after night, they sneer at Republicans for being so stupid as to call their rallies “tea bagging.”