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Yep. Obama be the smarty one. Democrats suck.

Stupidity should hurt. Maybe then, this country could get back on track.

What am I thinking? It is going to hurt, just not right away.

The Ship Is Sinking: Quick, Add Water

by Mona Charen

Let’s imagine that President Obama decides to go help out in Fargo, N.D., where they are experiencing floods. Mr. Obama enters the home of a flooded family. The water is already 6 inches high in the living room. The president produces a fire hose and begins to douse the room with even more water. “What are you doing?” cry the anguished homeowners. The president fixes them with one of his impatient looks and explains “May I remind you that I inherited this flood?”

President Obama has reminded us countless times that he inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. Even if he were about to propose the most responsible, prudent, visionary budget imaginable, that complaint would still be petulant and unseemly. But considering what Obama’s own spending will do to the deficit, it’s jaw-droppingly galling. He now proposes to increase that deficit to $7 trillion in 10 years. And that $7 trillion is probably a low estimate (the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will be $2.3 trillion higher). When the new spending for programs like Pell Grants, education for handicapped children and so forth comes up for renewal in a few years, Congress is not going to let it lapse. So, to review, it was terrible for President Bush and the Democratic Congress (the president neglects to mention them) to saddle him with all this debt. His answer is to triple it. That’s showing ’em!


Worst Congress ever. Worst President in the making. I can’t believe that half of America is this fucking stupid. Yet, time and time again, these assholes are reelected by the morons in America that don’t know how to dissect their bullshit.

Whenever a politician opens their mouth, you must, absolutely MUST, consider it an outright lie. Otherwise you get what we continue to get, election after election. Yeah, so and so brought in millions for your district; so did the other 535 assholes in Congress. They did the same thing for their districts/states as well. In the end, you’re paying for the Robert C. Byrd Bridge, and you don’t even live in West Virginia, in fact, that particular state has benefited immensely from all the Byrd droppings. And I’ve had to help pay for shit that they named after a moron. Thanks. I guess that’s for another post.


The Shut Up and Swallow Congress

by Michelle Malkin

Deliberation in Washington is dead. We don’t have legislators. We have lemmings. We don’t have debates. We have high-speed hysteria sessions. After ramming through stimulus legislation that no one read and bailout bills that no one understood, Congress is now poised to stuff down taxpayers’ throats a deficit-exploding $3.5 trillion budget that enshrines the largest tax increase in American history.

Welcome to the cap-and-trade crap sandwich.

The Democrats want to rig the game so you don’t have time to figure out this latest act of collective thievery before it’s perpetrated. They have been colluding on a plan to circumvent the Senate’s 60-vote threshold and amendment process by attaching their massive green tax scheme to a special budget legislative maneuver (“budget reconciliation” in the parlance of the Washington sausage-makers). No less than Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd criticized this short-circuiting of debate as an “outrage that must be resisted” and “an undemocratic disservice to our people.” But the eco-zealots on the Hill seem hell-bent on telling Americans to shut up and swallow.