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I am canceling the daily reading list.

Not enough people reading this pissant blog to justify the work.

I’ll just comment and post like I did before.

The hell with it.

Obama is NOT my president.

Until he acknowledges the fact that he is everyone’s president in America, and not just the slobbering leftists who’s nuts he likes to fondle, he’s not my president.

I consider him the usurper on high.

Obama Marks 100 Days in Office… By Mocking Concerned Americans!
by Bobby Eberle

The longer this administration is in office, the less I am surprised about what they do. Obama is doing a full court press to break the bank and strap Americans with an incredible debt and tax burden. We see this happening every day. It is frightening to see an American president acting this way.


I hear it all the time and often wonder why people buy into this BS. I guess people like sensationalism. Pathetic.

The Great Liberal Pandemonium Machine
James Lewis

The Mexican swine flu pandemic? Oh, that’s soooo yesterday. Global Warming? All those confident “scientific” predictions are falling apart around the world, even as greedy politicians still try to squeeze the last little drops of power and money out of them. Human flesh-eating bacteria? SARS? Ozone holes? Mad Cow? The Curse of the Killer Tomatoes? Water torture? CO2? Bee Colony Collapse? It never ends. As long as scare stories sell, as long as millions of indoctrinated suckers fall for them they will never end. They’ve got you on a rat-running wheel, running scared every day, like rats scrambling to get away from electrical shocks that never actually come.


I’ll bet you didn’t hear about this fiasco here in the High Desert of California. I know you didn’t because it goes against the green agenda in that it proves that the idiots that espouse green energy solutions are full of shit and out for their own interests.

Solar Energy Meets Greenies and Big Labor
Richard Henry Lee

It was a squirrel, a labor group and an environmental group along with California’s tough environmental regulations, which helped kill a hybrid solar power plant project for a Mojave Desert city.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. The City of Victorville prides itself on being a green city. They recently bought a number of hybrid vehicles for their city fleet. And they are located in the Mojave Desert which receives large amounts of sunshine every year.


Is Obama still the magic negro? The media thinks he’s the greatest thing ever. I think the media is despicable. They have had more coverage of Obama in the first 50 days than they did for Bush and Clinton combined in their first 50 days. The celebrity worship that seems to grip America really pisses me off. People equate his celebrity status with getting results in Washington, when in fact, his first 100 days have been a complete failure.

I rate it: EPIC FAIL

The Celebrity President
J.C. Arenas

Americans have a long-standing infatuation with celebrities. We respect their talents, envy their looks, and imitate their style. We are captivated by their money and fame, and immerse ourselves in their world in order to escape our own mundane existence.


The infighting on the GOP side of things isn’t helping their cause. They have an opportunity to kick the shit out of the Dems in 2010 if they get their act together. So far it looks like that isn’t going to happen.

EXCLUSIVE: Steele fights back against RNC ‘scheme’
Exchange spurs feud
By Ralph Z. Hallow

The embattled Republican National Committee chairman angrily returned fire in his fight with current and former officers over control of the GOP’s purse strings.

Under attack from conservatives since taking office on Jan. 30, Michael S. Steele on Wednesday blasted a group of members pushing for new checks and balances on the chairman’s spending powers, accusing them of a power grab “scheme.”

What a fucking weasel. Blaming the GOP for his failures is just what I expected. This man is a piece of shit. Worst president EVER!

Still waiting for him to acknowledge that he is President of the whole fucking country and not just the crap weasels on the left.

I think he’s really George Soros’ sock puppet. I’m talking hand so far up Obama’s ass, he’s tickling his tonsils when he orates off the tiny screen that is his speech ho.

CURL: Obama looks back in anger
By Joseph Curl

Places blame on the GOP

President Obama said his prime-time press conference on Day 100 of his presidency was intended as a “look forward to … all of the hundreds of days to follow,” but it turned into more of a look back in anger, complete with finger-pointing.