No not NASCAR. You know; color of skin = whatever, etc. I’ll continue to treat you by your actions and what you have to say. Skin color means absolutely nothing to me, unless you make it an issue, then I get pissed.

More on that conversation about race from Larrey Anderson:

Immune from Race-baiting?

By Larrey Anderson

A funny thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I discovered that I seem to have at least a limited degree of immunity from the routine charges of racism regularly aimed at conservatives.  It was readers who informed me of this miraculous healing.

Several readers asked me to comment further after the appearance of my article “Racism, Eric Holder, my Son and Me” in the February 23, 2009 edition of American Thinker.

One of these readers is a friend and a well-known screen writer. I asked him why in the world he thought I should write more on the issue and what he thought I had left out of the first piece.  Here was his response:

Keep punching — you can tear down the schlockmeisters; you’re immune from the “Scarlet Letter” — R for racist — if you play it right; meaning, don’t let anger get the better of you; obviously, you are a good and loving person, and to be tarred, even obliquely, must be infuriating.

You ARE “allowed” to speak — you’ve put your blood and soul into this, and how dare any racial prohibitionists say otherwise?

My initial thought when I read his admonition to keep writing on this subject was, “Why am I allowed to speak on race?” I am, after all, just another middle-aged conservative white male who hails from a rural state. Pretty much the textbook definition of a racist by the liberal left in America.

Yet that initial piece received mostly positive responses — even by those on the left who posted in our comments section — and the piece was widely distributed on the Internet.

Were my opinions tolerated simply because I was fortunate and blessed enough to have adopted and raised a black baby? What if my son had been Korean? Or Hispanic? Would the arguments in the article have been treated with the same deference?


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