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Yep. Way to go douche-nozzle. The Iranian people are truly pissed off at Obasama. His message last week was directed at the so called “leaders” of Iran. The idiots that call themselves the leadership of Iran do their utmost to squash the Persian culture.

From Alicia Unleashed:

I can tell you that Iranians are infuriated with the message, as am I. Iranians do not think  that the Islamic regime of Iran is their government. They look at it as an occupying army of Muslim killers determined to destroy what Muhammad and his killers could not do for 1400 years. The mullahs have done all they can  to prevent people from celebrating the norooz and a dozen other celebrations such as Charshanbeh soori (the fire festival) for the last 30 yeas. They hate and try to destroy the Iranian culture, like they did in all other previously none Muslim countries . But the more they try to stop the many celebrations in Iran the more the people resist. historically the Arab Muslim invaders tried to ban the Norooz celebrations from the beginning, but we payed them lots of tax to keep it alive.Norooz is an Iranian celebrations and Islamist mullah occupiers see it as a nationalistic unifying force that has nothing to do with their agenda.what the hell is this guy talking about……Babak Iran.

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