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Harping on the economy and the stupidity of Congress. That could be a full time job, but I already have one of those. Thank God.

Anyway, my least favorite moron in Congress is discussed. I hate the bitch. I can’t understand how she can be this stupid. But then again, the morons that keep putting her dumb ass into Congress can’t be all that bright either.

Pelosi: ‘This is a fiscally sound package’

Politicians are famous for saying all kinds of things.  From justifying their earmarks to supporting candidates they know are crooked, these men and women can spout off the ridiculous, and do it with a straight face.

However, Nancy Pelosi rises to the head of the class.  I know the Academy Awards are over, but she deserves special recognition for her performance at a recent press conference.  She had a number of quotes that were just plain idiotic, and yet, she delivered them with calm and reassurance.  So, what’s scarier?  Someone who says the stimulus bill is “a fiscally sound package” or someone who believes it?

As noted in a story on, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in top form this week when she said, “The word of the day is the word that is important to our economy every day, and that word is ‘confidence.'”


And on to terrorism. So many topics, so little time…

Pay attention people. Islam will kill you. Islam is bad. Only a few percent of a population can turn a civilization into, say, Nazi Germany, or, Fascist Italy, etc.

It was the few bad apples that screwed the world…


AS White House staffer Jane Austen put it to Sen. Darcy: “It is a truth univer sally acknowledged that a single terrorist in possession of a good bomb must be in want of patient understanding.”

Unfortunately for Washington wonks determined to deny that Islamist extremists are motivated by extremist Islam, the pride and prejudice of Allah’s butchers were on public display (again) this week.

Framed in florid quotations from the Koran, the Gitmo Five – hard-core terrorists, including Khalid Sheik Mohammed – proclaimed in a filing released by a brave military judge that “We are terrorists to the bone” who regard the charges resulting from “the blessed 11 September operations” as “badges of honor.”


I am not in favor of this at all. There are several reasons why:

1. It’s government sanctioned abortion.

2. It’s immoral.

3. It doesn’t work.

4. If it was a viable science, private investors would have been all over this a long time ago.

On embryonic stem cells:

Stem Cells Are Not Just About Science

by Steve Chapman

Not many of us would want the federal government to leave military procurement to defense contractors, Medicare reimbursement to doctors or banking regulation to Citigroup. But President Obama says when it comes to allocating federal funds for scientific studies, we should defer to scientists.

That assertion came in reference to research on the use of embryonic stem cells to find treatments for various diseases. Obama announced that he was junking President Bush’s rules, which limited federal funding to research using embryonic stem cell lines that existed before August 2001.



Journey To Destruction

by Cal Thomas

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” said Confucius. But a journey of whatever length presumes one has a destination in mind. With President Obama’s executive order authorizing expanded federal funding for research using stem cells, produced from the destruction of human embryos, the destination will be left up to scientists, as will any “speed controls.” The sky, or in this case the depths, will be the limit.

In the classical style of a brilliant politician, President Obama sought to invoke an ethical standard for his decision, while simultaneously denying a standard that might restrain scientists from going too far. He said that as a “person of faith,” he believes “we are called to care for each other and work to ease human suffering. I believe we have been given the capacity and will to pursue this research — and the humanity and conscience to do so responsibly.”



Obama’s Embryonic Stem Cell O.K. Can Kill

by Michael Reagan

What President Obama did when he reversed President Bush’s executive order banning embryonic stem cell research was based not on solid science, but his desire to cater to the anti-life, pro-abortion forces and their media allies who helped elect him.

In doing this, he created the potential for an outbreak of potentially fatal cancerous tumors caused by the therapeutic use of embryonic stem cells.



Absolutely Horrific, Disgusting Images

by Alicia Colon

Did the header get your attention? If you can look at these images and feel something then congratulations-there’s hope for you. Unfortunately many Americans will turn away and refuse to consider the deaths of these human beings as anything but political propaganda.

Look carefully at image 5, 6 and 10 and and tell yourself that it’s a good thing for our society to allow the killing of perfect human beings who have become inconvenient to their mothers. Over 4000 innocents are murdered every day because America refuses to look at the truth. The truth is much more sinister than the argument that it’s a woman’s right to control the reproductive process. It comes back to that famous line uttered by Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”.  America “can’t handle the truth.” It’s too ugly and too many Americans have lost the ability to think deeply about important issues.


I know I said I wouldn’t cuss, but sometimes there just needs to be some righteous indignation with an f-bomb, or three.

Abortion. This is the face of abortion. Look at the images and tell me that this is still a fucking choice. You people that think abortion is nothing but a woman’s choice need to pay attention. This isn’t a choice. It’s a defenseless human being that is being murdered. Murdered in the name of choice. Fuck you.

Global warming shysters are still blathering on. It’s time that the sane people speak up. Let the adults take over the conversation.

We’ll Pry Global Warming From Their Cold, Dead Hearts

by Dan Gainor

This is the winter of environmentalists’ discontent. They desperately want the earth to be warming to prove Al Gore’s truth inviolate and they are going to make you pay thousands of dollars for it no matter whether it’s true or not.

But the weather has been inconveniently cold. Thirty-two states have experienced record or near-record lows this winter – poking holes in the predictions of imminent fiery doom. Just ask the diehard global warming activists who showed up in Washington last week to protest the nation’s use of coal. Their event was hampered by nearly a foot of snow in the nation’s capital – enough to freeze out luminaries like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).