Guns ‘n Ammo

Posted: 10 Mar 2009 in Guns, Truth

Guns and ammo sales are through the roof. Ammo at Wal-Mart? Isn’t happening. I have to drive all the way to Fontana, about an hour to get ammo at Bass Pro. Their gun selection was a lot less the last time I was there too. At least they still had some. The line of people wanting to look/purchase a gun was long and diverse.

At any rate, here are some gun stories for your purview:

Gun and Ammo Sales are Shooting Through the Roof (I Wonder Why?)

I don’t like whore house Harry Reid, but at least he is pro-Second Amendment.

Sen. Reid works to protect our gun rights

I am sure that many have heard this advice before:

The first thing you do is drag him inside

75% of America thinks the Second Amendment is an individual right:

Rasmussen: 75% of Americans Believe Second Amendment Guarantees Individual Right to Firearms

And then there is this:

Obama Lies To Gun Owners As Holder Reveals Gun Attack Plan

As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama deliberately and repeatedly lied to America’s 90 million gun owners across the country when he insisted that he would not try to take away anyone’s firearms, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, reacting to yesterday’s remarks by Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder that the president will seek to reinstate the ban on semi-automatic firearms, said Obama “knew he was lying to the nation because his own website touted his plan to revive the gun ban and make it permanent.”

Check out their website: CCRKBA (Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms)

Where, oh where can my ammunition be?

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