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A bit of buyer’s remorse seems to have creeped across the nation as of late.


“Republican” Otters Console Nation: “You Fucked Up. You Trusted Us.”

A recap of stuff that’s been hashed and rehashed, but, in case you missed it:

Jennifer Rubin on Buckley, Brooks, and even Maureen Dowd (!!!?!!?) expressing buyer’s remorse over their bright, shiny new Messiah.

Peter Robinson on a point so moronically obvious even I made it:

The elite journalists, I repeat, got Obama wrong. The troglodytes got him right. As our national drama continues to unfold, bear that in mind.And if you think Maureen Dowd is a good “get,” how about Chris Matthews sighing in exasperation about Obama’s broken promise to excise earmarks from the budget, or Whoopi Goldberrg suddenly realizing it’s not fair to overtax the rich?


Obama Declares War on Investors, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, And More

Let me be very clear on the economics of President Obama’s State of the Union speech and his budget.

He is declaring war on investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and private-equity and venture-capital funds.

That is the meaning of his anti-growth tax-hike proposals, which make absolutely no sense at all — either for this recession or from the standpoint of expanding our economy’s long-run potential to grow.


Obama’s sorry cultists

By Michelle Malkin

I’ve reminded you before of NYTimes’ columnist David Brooks’ boneheaded Ivy League ejaculations about the Obama administration.

Now, the once-enamored Kool-Aid drinker admits his cult leader is not the man he knew:

“Those of us who consider ourselves moderates are forced to confront the reality that Barack Obama is not who we thought he was.”

What an unbelievable waste of time and real estate is David Brooks. It’s profane.