Globle Whining Roundup

Posted: 17 Feb 2009 in Axis of Idiots, Congress, Global Whining, Politics, Socialism, Stupid People
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Back them into a corner with the facts, and they tend to get vicious. Here we have the left getting clobbered with the fact that global warming is bullshit and they stack the deck in their favor in order to make their case, and still fuck it up.

Travesty–Rep. Inslee’s behavior at Energy & Commerce hearing

I just watched the Energy & Commerce Subcommittee hearing on “The Climate Crisis: National Security, Public Health, and Economic Threats.”

Committee rules allow the minority one-third of the witnesses. Originally, there were to be four majority witnesses, which works out to only one minority witness, or one-fourth (because two witnesses would equal two-fifths–slightly more than one-third). However, when Chairman Markey learned that Dr. Patrick Michaels of the Cato Institute was to be the minority witness, he added a 5th majority witness, Prof. Daniel Schragg of Harvard University. So the decks were stacked against Michaels 5 to 1.


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