Porkulus Continued

Posted: 12 Feb 2009 in Politics
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Your health care is no longer your choice. At least after this bill is signed into law. You fucking idiots think that socialized health care is the way to go? Look at Canada, Britain, and others. Ask anyone who has had to deal with that shit if they want that type of health care, or our current health care. Bet you it isn’t theirs by a big majority.

Rationing Healthcare Creates Jobs?

by John Shadegg

Every day Americans learn about another outrageous, irrelevant spending provision in Democrats’ so-called stimulus bill.

There’s money for global warming. There’s money for sex education. There’s money for Amtrak. There’s money for unions. There’s money to buy new cars and office space for bureaucrats. They’re even doing golf course renovations. Who knows, maybe they’ll even fix-up my rain gutter.

But here’s the bottom line: this bill has everything except economic stimulus. It’s just one big, sordid payback for Democrat special interests.

Congress has now become the make-a-wish foundation for greedy politicians.



This is just sick. Bastards.

True Cost of Stimulus: 3.27 Trillion

All of the major news outlets are reporting that the stimulus bill voted out of conference committee last night has a meager $789 billion price tag. This number is pure fantasy. No one believes that the increased funding for programs the left loves like Head Start, Medicaid, COBRA, and the Earned Income Tax Credit is in anyway temporary. No Congress under control of the left will ever cut funding for these programs. So what is the true cost of the stimulus if these spending increases are made permanent?


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