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Obamoron and the Marxist douche-nozzles on the left really are lost in the sauce. You idiots that voted for him are in for a rude awakening. Hope and change my ass.

More like business as usual for the left and let’s see if we can screw America in the process.

Obama’s Leninism

Ed Kaitz
Vladimir Lenin coined the term “Democratic Centralism” in order to describe what he considered to be Bolshevik “bipartisanship.”  In his famous book What Is To Be Done? Lenin worried that left to themselves, the proletariat would never achieve the kind of “revolutionary consciousness” required to overthrow the capitalist system.  Therefore a “vanguard” of socialist intellectuals like Lenin and Trotsky were needed in order to instill the proper “consciousness” into the mentally challenged masses.

“Democratic Centralism” was Lenin’s way of insuring that individuals within the Bolshevik party could “openly” and “democratically” discuss proposals that came down from the intellectual vanguard.  The “centralism” however insured that once a decision was made by “consensus” there could be no deviating from the party line during the implementation of the particular proposal.


And then there’s the lies:

Obama’s New Definition of ‘Bipartisan’

Lee Cary
In the President’s dictionary of political terms, “bipartisan” means this: If I, the President, listen to your ideas, then you must accept mine. It’s unilateral bipartisanism.

Barack Obama’s fundamental mindset of Orwellian doublethink continues to reveal itself as he, again, espouses two contradictory beliefs at the same time, seemingly accepting both.

Although Obama doublethink existed during the campaign, big media made no effort to examine or question it.

In his televised speech to Democrat members of the House last night, President Obama said:

“Look, I value the constructive criticism and healthy debate that is a foundation of American democracy. I don’t think any of us have cornered the market on wisdom, or that good ideas are the province of any party. The American people know that our challenges are great. They’re not expecting Democratic solutions or Republican solutions — they want American solutions. And I have said that to those who have criticized the plan.


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