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9-11 (Updated)

Posted: 11 Sep 2008 in Politics, Terrorism

I am not going to add too much to the furor that is 9-11. I do have one question that I think deserves pondering.

Why after seven years are we still reading the names of the victims?

How long was this done for Pearl Harbor?

Was it ever done for those Soldiers that died on the beaches at Normandy?

How about the more than 4000 that have died in Iraq since we went to war?

Why is the flag still being lowered to half staff? It isn’t done on the 6th of June. It isn’t is done on the 7th of December. I could carry on ridiculously on this, but I think you get the point. Incorrectly stated. I truly should have known better, just irked when I posted this.

I feel sorry for those that lost loved ones in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and in those planes, but I think this is a divisive issue in America. I stand firm in my resolve to defend America whenever it is needed. There are many that think the opposite, or just blame America for what happened.

Remembering is important, but carrying on like it happened last week is not the answer. The left and the right will always make this a political issue in their own ways and that doesn’t help anyone. It certainly doesn’t bring this nation together. It merely divides us along our lines of political persuasion.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Ace of Spades has a good article for 9-11.

It is a repost from 2007:

Reposted. Written last 9/11/2007. I pushed this ahead until around noon, so fresh posts are below.

NOTE: This is a politicized remembrance of 9/11, so you may wish to skip it. I didn’t set out to write it this way, but this is how it turned out; I couldn’t just mouth the clichés about us all being united on 9/11 without noting how illusory and false that feeling turned out to be, like a love gone bad.

I apologize for that direction, but I can’t see how to avoid the obvious. We’ve been mythologizing 9/11 bringing us closer than ever before; maybe we can interrupt this myth-making from time to time to note it actually divided us more than ever in our history. It was actually my intent to write the same old cute story of that feeling of being united; when I got there, however, it was a bitter cliché and a lie I choked on.


Over at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Unsung Glory; Lt. Col. Cyril Richard Rescorla

Cyril Richard Rescorla was born in May of 1939 in Hayle, Cornwall, England. He had grown up reading of commando operations and the French Resistance, and he soon followed the path of a warrior himself, joining the British Paratroops while in his teens. He had fought communist guerrillas on Cyprus as an intelligence officer, leading small unit counter insurgency operations. He then joined Her Majesty’s Colonial Force and fought in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia. After some time with Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad conducting operations against the IRA, he and a comrade from Rhodesia, Dan Hill, decided that the next fight against communism was going to be in Southeast Asia, and they both joined the US Army in 1963. Hill was an American mercenary when Rescorla met him in Rhodesia, and they both shared an ardent hatred of communism. Hill had been active in various capacities in Hungary in 1956 and in Lebanon in 1958, and in training exercises for the Bay of Pigs operation, in 1961. Their decision to join the Army was based solely on the desire to continue the fight against the world wide threat of communism.

Enlisting as a private, Rescola was soon promoted to sergeant and later appointed to attend OCS at Ft. Benning Ga. He was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in April of 1965 and by November he was in Viet Nam with the 7th Cavalry.

In “Baptism”, a memoir on Viet Nam, Larry Gwin described Rescorla as a charming raconteur with a “crazed irreverent twinkle” at play, but also a ruthless killer with a “cold steely glint that could sear through you like the icy stare of death” in the bush.

Go read the rest

Here’s an example of what I described. Oddly enough, it was after I wrote it that I found it.

Also at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

Earlier this morning at work, I was nauseated to have to listen [not by choice] to an NBC Commentator attack the administration, the McCain Campaign and real Americans for using 9/11 as a “Cheap” political stunt to terrorize the electorate into supporting the GOP ticket. The bastard using the same old worn-out narrative, blaming Bush and even Rudy for the 9/11 disaster, and now saying we are using this tactic to win the election. The lying prick even insisted that it was pressure from the administration that the footage and photos from that terrible day were generally taken off the “news cycle” only to be brought back out now, for votes.


At any rate. May those that were lost on this day in 2001 rest in peace, and may their loved ones find solace in God’s mercy.

Here’s one from Ann Coulter:


Morose that there hasn’t been another terrorist attack on American soil for seven long years, liberals were ecstatic when Hurricane Gustav was headed toward New Orleans during the Republican National Convention last week. The networks gave the hurricane plenty of breaking-news coverage — but unfortunately it was Hurricane Katrina from 2005 they were covering.

On Keith Olbermann’s Aug. 29 show on MSNBC, Michael Moore said the possibility of a Category 3 hurricane hitting the United States “is proof that there is a God in heaven.” Olbermann responded: “A supremely good point.”