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Google Sucks

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From Gizmodo

So, are you enjoying the snappy, clean performance of Google Chrome since downloading yesterday? If so, you might want to take a closer peek at the end user license agreement you didn’t pay any attention to when downloading and installing it. Because according to what you agreed to, Google owns everything you publish and create while using Chrome. Ah-whaaa? Update: It was a copy & paste mistake, apparently, and the offending language is being removed as we speak. Thanks, Googe!

Let’s not mince words, eh? We won the war in Iraq. Barrack Hussein Obama says it wasn’t because of anything that we did, it was something else. BO is a liberal moron. Anyone that votes for him I will consider a liberal moron. This isn’t the only issue, not by a long shot. This is however, one that speaks volumes about this liberal moron that has shit for experience in anything other than the same old bullshit liberal corrupt Chicago politics.

The absolute nerve of this moron to presume that he can just say whatever the fuck he feels like saying is ludicrous at best. The mere thought of him saying: “he instructed Gen. David Petraeus on the proper military strategy for the future” is absolutely priceless. What the fuck does the junior moron from Illinois know about military strategy? Maybe he learned it by watching the History Hitler Channel on the weekends. Obama would have trouble suggesting how to wipe one’s ass, let alone give the most successful general of our time, any instructions.



By Ralph Peters

A HURRICANE smacks the Big Easy again. Back-to- back political conventions. A surprise VP pick. Russians behaving like Russians . . .

All too easy to miss the biggest story out of Iraq this year: Yesterday, security responsibility for once-bloody Anbar Province officially passed from the US military to the Baghdad government.

Fallujah. Ramadi. Al Qaeda’s worst atrocities. Those opposed to the liberation of Iraq celebrated years of headlines from Anbar.

Then it all changed: We won – and the headlines vanished.