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Diddy Doesn’t Know Diddly

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An answer to Mo-Diddy-ron:

Very well stated.

Hey Diddy moron.

Why don’t you shut the hell up.

Your rap sucks and so do you.


If it Quacks…

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Over at Kim Dutoit’s joint:

Quacking Like A Duck

Howard talks about the Urkel position that Dares Not Speak Its Name:

Obama’s associates are more and more who he is and what he really stands for. I will restrict myself to just a single form of reparations that his associates advocate.

Three of his closest “advisors” endorse a form of reparations for all Black people to pay for their education (you know, the one they were deprived of a hundred and fifty years ago, allegedly).

Obama has not endorsed reparations directly, he ain’t personally doing it, but his long time pal, Bill Ayers has. Obama also has other pals. Linda Darling-Hammond (woman #1) who is his “education Advisor” backs a clear policy for the repayment of the alleged “education debt” to people of color.

So by not actively rebutting this loony idea, Urkel obviously supports it, hence the title of this post.

So, the recap on Urkel’s actual positions so far (as opposed to dreamy bromides like “change we can believe in”):

· punitive corporate taxes

· “reparations” to Blacks

· punitive taxes on earnings (e.g. capital gains tax)

· increased gun control (like the AWB)

· accommodationist foreign policy

· more Green regulation at the (considerable) expense of oil-based and nuclear power

· subservience to unions (education, labor etc.)

I highlight this for the above references to the normal democrat BS that most people who think Obamaramadingdong is the One, that his crap is the same old crap that the democrats have been spewing for as long as I can remember.

In other news, not worthy of the lame stream media:

U.S. hands back a quieter Anbar Province

RAMADI, Iraq: Two years ago, Anbar Province was the most lethal place for American forces in Iraq. A U.S. marine or soldier died in the province nearly every day, and the provincial capital, Ramadi, was a moonscape of rubble and ruins. Islamic extremists controlled large pieces of territory, with some so ferocious in their views that they did not even allow the baking of bread.

On Monday, U.S. commanders formally returned responsibility for keeping order in Anbar Province, once the heartland of the Sunni insurgency, to the Iraqi Army and police. The ceremony, including a parade on a freshly paved street, capped one of the most significant turnabouts in the country since the war began five and a half years ago.


The nutroots are really a pathetic bunch of losers. I despise the left with all my soul. These people need to be removed from the gene pool, in my opinion. Their attacks on Sarah Palin’s daughter are absolutely beyond the pale. Morons.

Great article by Victor Davis Hansen:

Palin: too much Hope and Change?

The Great Liberal Crack-up
Sarah Palin has not even been widely known nationally for a week. We await her speeches, interviews, and grace or lack of it under fire. There will be examination like none other.

Yet in anticipation, the liberal establishment has gone simply haywire this last week. Joe Biden—anyone who has followed his career knows that it is only a matter of time before he makes something up about himself, says something inane, or claims something is true that is not—has announced her “good-looking,” in a way he once dismissed Obama as “clean.” (You see, most others lack Biden’s brilliant intellect, and so only advanced on their looks, which he apparently acknowledges through his own hair transplants as marginally important in politics).

The former head of the Democratic National Committee, Don Fowler announced that Hurricane Gustav was God’s payback to the Republicans—apparently not so unusual a liberal quip since caring Michael Moore hyper-ventilated about the same phenomenon. Their point apparently is fourfold: 1) people who believe in God get ironic payback; 2) it’s nice to see political opponents’ best laid convention plans disrupted by natural disaster and Obama helped; 3) My God!—there is no Obama post-convention bounce!; 4) who cares about what happens to millions in Gustav’s path?

The attacks on innocent people and children, no less, by the leftist scum of the earth are tantamount to terrorism. These people should be brought up on charges of terrorism and prosecuted for it. This is not free speech. It is terrorism.

Need the definition? From Webster:

Function: noun Date: 1795

: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

Main Entry: ter·ror Pronunciation: \ˈter-ər, ˈte-rər\ Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French terrour, from Latin terror, from terrēre to frighten; akin to Greek trein to be afraid, flee, tremein to tremble — more at tremble

Date: 14th century

1: a state of intense fear2 a: one that inspires fear : scourge b: a frightening aspect <the terrors of invasion> c: a cause of anxiety : worry d: an appalling person or thing; especially : brat3: reign of terror4: violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands <insurrection and revolutionary terror>

synonyms see fear

As far as I can tell, this shit that the leftards are doing and have done is terrorism in its classical sense.

Liberty Zone

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

In other news.

Victor Davis Hansen talks about that dinosaur NATO. Almost as useless as the UN, in my opinion.

Farewell to NATO

When I was growing up in the 1960s, we had a majestic Santa Rosa plum orchard on my family’s farm. The trees were 40 years old and had grown to over 20 feet high. My grandfather would proudly recall how its once-bumper crops of big, sweet plums had helped him survive the Depression and a postwar fall in agricultural prices.

But by the 1960s, the towering, verdant trees were more a park than a profitable orchard. The aged limbs had grown almost too high to pick, the fruit there too few and too small to pack profitably. Yet my grandfather simply could not bring himself to bulldoze the money-losing, unproductive old orchard.