Congress SUCKS!

Posted: 27 Jul 2008 in Politics

CONGRESS’ ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT PORK BUFFET: A billion here, a billion there … it’s just money, right? Say hello to the “Advancing America’s Priorities Act.” This little gem, which Senator Reid will bring to the floor Saturday, contains a whopping $11 BILLION in earmark spending. Wonder how Congress plans to finance this monstrosity? Take a look in the mirror. Among its top legislative priorities: $5 million for a Jewish history museum in Poland, $183 million for “reconnecting homeless youths” (whatever the heck that means), and $1.5 billion for the DC Metrorail system, which the Heritage Foundation identifies as “the biggest earmark in history.” Are Democrats trying to repeat the mistakes made by Republicans leading up to 2006? It’ll be great if they suffer the same consequence, though it’ll be less great if they drain our wallets in the meantime.

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