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Proof once again,  that liberalism  is a mental disorder.

From an article written by Lorne Gunter of the Edmonton Journal:

It never ceases to amaze me how many politicians can convince themselves that criminals who are prepared to murder or beat their victims, steal cars, rob banks and convenience stores, and deal drugs will nonetheless cower in the face of a new gun-control law and hand in their firearms.

That’s essentially what Toronto Mayor David Miller is proposing, though.


Speaking to reporters Monday, he said “I want a safe city. The truth is guns are too easily available, and if you talk to some kids in some neighborhoods, they tell you they want a gun to protect themselves.”

Are the neighborhoods where these kids live full of competitive shooters with registered firearms or full of gang members with black market guns?

Miller, of course, knows it is the latter, even as he acts as though Olympic sport shooters are running rampant on Toronto’s streets.

So by carrying anything of value on your person, you contribute to crime as well by this illogic.
Stupid is as stupid does.
What a moron.

I feel sorry for you Canadians.
At least here in the US we still have some semblance of Conservatism, although, not much.