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America’s Best Days Behind Us?

Posted by Bobby Eberle
May 21, 2008 at 6:07 am

National pollster Scott Rasmussen has a new survey out which indicates that 47% of respondents feel that “America’s best days have come and gone.” In contrast, only 39% of respondents feel that “the nation’s best days are still to come.”

With results like that, it’s no wonder that special elections are being won by the Democrats and the outlook for November is not good at all. People are looking for “change,” but a closer look at Rasmussen’s results shows that “change” may not exactly be what the media portray it to be.

In addition to asking survey respondents about the general state of America, Rasmussen also asked a number of questions to get a general feel of where people stood on the issues.

The national telephone survey found that 62% of voters “would prefer fewer government services with lower taxes.” Only 29% favor “bigger government with higher taxes.” So, despite the calls from the media and liberals to come up with a government solution for everything (global warming, price controls, and on and on), the majority of American’s do not believe in this approach.

In addition, 75% of voters “think people who move to America from other countries should adopt the nation’s culture.” Only 13% of respondents think people who move to America “should maintain their home country’s culture.” Once again, the media and liberals believe one thing, and the American people believe something else. While left-leaning elitists are calling out to “celebrate diversity,” the American people are shouting, “Embrace America!”