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McCain Sucks

Posted: 12 May 2008 in Politics
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Well. McCain has done it. He’s stepped off the precipice into oblivion with the lunatic fringe.

McCain is officially a liberal. That rotten scum bag has decided to suck up to the global warming whining idiots that have not one scintilla of proof that global warming is manmade.

All the evidence points away from that, and I dare any of you leftist morons to prove otherwise. All the data that you idiots shun, proves you wrong time and time again. If it weren’t for the whores in the media, you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

McCain is a RINO.

He will not get my vote. If there is any conservative minded candidate out there, independent like, I will cast my vote for that person.

Obama at least is an honest liberal, if there is such a thing, in that he is outright liberal and claims to be one.

McCain can’t run on his “hero” status. I respect him for his service and sacrifice, but will not stand by and support a liberal in conservative’s clothing.

Just won’t happen.