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As usual, Ralph Peters hands the media their ass. When are they going to get it right?

My guess, never.


April 17, 2008 — LIKE many Americans, I get angry at biased “reporting” about Iraq and the spin from dishonest pundits. Usually, I get over it quickly, since my expectations of the media are pretty low.

But sometimes a Big Lie just won’t let go. And the lefty lie that the Iraqi military is a hopeless failure must be answered.

Yes, we all know that left-wing media outlets, such as the dying New York Times, need Iraq to fail to redeem their credibility. They’ll do all they can to dismiss any sign of progress.

But the perverted gloating over recent Iraqi military operations in Basra combines willful ignorance of military affairs with a shameless manipulation of the facts. Yes, some local Iraqi police and new military recruits ran away. But that was all that the media reported.



This is a BS report.

Here’s the story at Army Times

An interesting sideline for you morons that decry the war on terror and its toll on America’s military:

U.S. ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY DEATHS – 1980 through 2006 (as of November 22, 2007) (pdf)

For those of you that don’t want to download it, here’s the gist of it:

Whatever your politics, however you lean, however you feel about the current administration, this report should open some eyes.

Military losses, 1980 through 2006.

As tragic as the loss of any member of the US Armed Forces is, I have lost a personal and dear friend to this, consider the following statistics:

The annual fatalities of military members while actively serving in the armed forces from 1980 through 2006:

1980 ………. 2,392 (Carter Year)

1981 ………. 2,380 (Reagan Year)

1984 …….. 1,999 (Reagan Year)

1988 ………. 1,819 (Reagan Year)

1989 ………. 1,636 (George H W Year)

1990 ………. 1,508 (George H W Year)

1991 ………. 1,787 (George H W Year)

1992 ………. 1,293 (George H W Year)

1993 ………. 1,213 (Clinton Year)

1994 ………. 1,075 (Clinton Year)

1995 ………. 2,465 (Clinton Year)

1996 ………. 2,318 (Clinton Year)

1997 ………… 817 (Clinton Year)

1998 ………. 2,252 (Clinton Year)

1999 ………. 1,984 (Clinton Year)

2000 ……….1, 983 (Clinton Year)

2001 ………… 890(George W Year)

2002 ………. 1,007 (George W Year)

2003 ………. 1,410 (George W Year)

2004 ………. 1,887 (George W Year)

2005 ………… 919 (George W Year)

2006…………. 920 (George W Year)

2007…………..899 (George W Year)

Clinton years (1993-2000): 14,000 deaths

George W years (2001-2006): 7,932 deaths

This should have been done in the Constitution. It would have saved us immense pain now. Here it is in a nutshell from GOPUSA:

Posted by Bobby Eberle
April 15, 2008 at 6:22 am

Georgia Rep. Paul Broun has introduced legislation to make English the official language of the United States. As Broun notes in a “dear colleague” letter, “America’s genius has always been assimilation, taking legal immigrants and turning them into American citizens. The key to assimilation, of course, is a shared language. Large-scale immigration without effective assimilation threatens social cohesion and America’s shared values.” Broun is now working to get other congressmen to sign on as co-sponsors of his bill.

The bill, officially designated H.R. 5759, is known as the English as the Official Language Act of 2008. The bill is identical to its Senate companion, S. 2715, which was recently introduced by Sen. Jim Inhofe. The bill deserves careful consideration and support. The more we turn away from uniting people in this country as Americans, the more our country loses its strength and heritage.

As Rep. Broun notes in his press release, the bill will “reduce costs to our federal government and will encourage new, legal immigrants to quickly adopt America’s native tongue. Learning English has always been and will continue to be a key step in achieving the American dream.”

The bill:

· declares English to be the official national language of the Government of the United States.

· states that no person has a right or entitlement to have the US Government or any official to communicate, perform or provide services, or materials in any language other than English unless specifically provided by statute.

· provides that if an exception is made on the use of a language other than English, the exception does not create a legal entitlement to additional services in that language or any language other than English.


Any “man” that points out that a general in the military has too many medals and accessories on his uniform must be a pussy of the highest order. In fact, I smell the tuna from here.

If you were a real man, you’d have served in the military and would know that those “brooches” were earned and have meaning that idiots such as yourself wouldn’t understand. Afterall, you are a liberal pussy.

Here’s the original whinery (sic).

Here’s some links to others that have commented on this idiot’s vitriol:

Fred Schoeneman


Dick Cavett is another pussy.

Michelle Malkin


There’s more, just do a search.

The Senate has failed the American people yet again. With the latest bailout for the idiots that can’t pay their mortgage because it was out of their reach in the first place, comes with a rather high price tag. $3 to $10 billion. Where is this money going to come from? Why it’s going to come from those of us that didn’t screw up our mortgages. There are only a few Senators that have any clue. Here’s the ones that are right on target: House roll

Everyone else is a moron. Including the three idiots that are running for president.

More at Michelle Malkin

Bush gives Medal of Honor to Navy SEAL

By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer Tue Apr 8, 6:25 PM ET

Bush has awarded the medals to 10 people during his presidency. Monsoor is only the third from the Iraq war, and Bush’s lip trembled and tears streamed down his cheeks as the official citation was read with the details of his bravery.

WASHINGTON – Navy SEAL Michael A. Monsoor had fast thinking to do when a live grenade came out of nowhere to bounce off his chest: Take the clear path to safety that he had but his comrades didn’t, try to toss it safely away, or throw himself on top of it.

With barely an instant’s hesitation on that Iraqi rooftop, Monsoor took the last course, sacrificing his life to save the men around him. For that, President Bush on Tuesday awarded him the Medal of Honor.

In an East Room ceremony, Bush presented the nation’s highest military honor to Monsoor’s still-grieving parents, Sally and George Monsoor. About 250 guests, including his sister and two brothers, fellow SEALS, other Medal winners, many friends and GOP Sen. John McCain and other members of Congress, looked on quietly.

“The Medal of Honor is awarded for an act of such courage that no one could rightly be expected to undertake it,” Bush said. “Yet those who knew Michael Monsoor were not surprised when he did.”


THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, and welcome.

The Medal of Honor is America’s highest decoration for military valor. Over the years, many who have received the medal have given their lives in the action that earned it. The name of Petty Officer Michael Anthony Monsoor will now be among them.

In September 2006, Michael laid down his life for his brothers in arms. Today, we remember the life of this faithful Navy SEAL. And on behalf of a grateful nation, we will present Michael Monsoor’s family with the Medal of Honor that he earned.

I welcome the Vice President. Secretary of Defense Gates, thank you for coming. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Peake; Secretary Don Winter of the Navy; Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and wife, Deborah; General James Conway, Commandant of the Marine Corps, and Annette; Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations, and wife, Ellen; Senator John McCain; Congressman Ed Royce; Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

Previous Medal of Honor recipients, thank you for joining us.

I appreciate Chaplain Burt; Navy SEALS — the finest warriors on the face of the Earth; the Monsoor family, and everybody else.

The Medal of Honor is awarded for an act of such courage that no one could rightly be expected to undertake it. Yet those who knew Michael Monsoor were not surprised when he did. This son of Orange County, California, grew up in a family where helping others was a way of life. Mike’s father was a Marine; his mother a social worker. Together, they raised their four children to understand the meaning of service and sacrifice.

From a very early age, Mike showed the strength of his own convictions. Apparently going to kindergarten wasn’t one of them. Mike had no complaints after the first week of school — until someone broke the news to him that he had to go back the next week. (Laughter.) Many mornings, Mike refused to put on the nice clothes for school. Instead, he insisted on wearing mismatched outfits. Mike’s mother soon discovered there was no stopping the determined young boy from mixing plaids and stripes. And years later, there would be no stopping an even more determined young man from donning a uniform of Navy Blue.

In some ways, Mike was an unlikely candidate for the Navy. He suffered from terrible asthma as a child. On some nights, his coughing fits would land him in the hospital. But Mike would not lie low for long. He strengthened his lungs by racing his siblings in the swimming pool. He worked to wean himself off his inhaler. He built himself into a superb athlete — excelling from sports like football to snowboarding.

After enlisting in the Navy, he began preparing for the ultimate test of physical endurance: SEAL training. Less than a third of those who begin this training become SEALs. But Mike would not be denied a spot. In September 2004, he earned the right to wear the Navy SEAL trident.

The newly minted frogman became a beloved member of the SEAL team community. His teammates liked to laugh about the way his shiny Corvette would leave everybody in the dust. But deep down, they always knew Mike would never leave anybody behind when it counted. He earned their confidence with his attention to detail and quiet work ethic. One of Mike’s officers remembers an instructor once asking after an intense training session, “What’s the deal with the Monsoor guy? He just says, ‘Roger that,’ to everything.”

When Mike deployed with his team to Ramadi in the spring of 2006, he brought that attitude with him. Because he served as both a heavy machine gunner and a communications operator, he often had a double load of equipment — sometimes more than a hundred pounds worth. But under the glare of the hot desert sun, he never lost his cool.

At the time, Ramadi was in the clutches of al Qaeda terrorists and insurgents. Together, the SEALs and the Army 1st Battalion of the 506 Infantry Regiment took the offense against the enemy. The SEALs carried out a broad range of special operations — including providing sniper cover in tough urban conditions, and conducting raids against terrorists and insurgents. Overall, Mike’s platoon came under enemy attack during 75% of their missions. And in most of these engagements, Mike was out front defending his brothers.

In May 2006, Mike and another SEAL ran into the line of fire to save a wounded teammate. With bullets flying all around them, Mike returned fire with one hand while helping pull the injured man to safety with the other. In a dream about the incident months later, the wounded SEAL envisioned Mike coming to the rescue with wings on his shoulders.

On Saint Michael’s Day — September 29, 2006 — Michael Monsoor would make the ultimate sacrifice. Mike and two teammates had taken position on the outcropping of a rooftop when an insurgent grenade bounced off Mike’s chest and landed on the roof. Mike had a clear chance to escape, but he realized that the other two SEALs did not. In that terrible moment, he had two options — to save himself, or to save his friends. For Mike, this was no choice at all. He threw himself onto the grenade, and absorbed the blast with his body. One of the survivors puts it this way: “Mikey looked death in the face that day and said, ‘You cannot take my brothers. I will go in their stead.’”

Perhaps the greatest tribute to Mike’s life is the way different service members all across the world responded to his death. Army soldiers in Ramadi hosted a memorial service for the valiant man who had fought beside them. Iraqi Army scouts — whom Mike helped train — lowered their flag, and sent it to his parents. Nearly every SEAL on the West Coast turned out for Mike’s funeral in California. As the SEALs filed past the casket, they removed their golden tridents from their uniforms, pressed them onto the walls of the coffin. The procession went on nearly half an hour. And when it was all over, the simple wooden coffin had become a gold-plated memorial to a hero who will never be forgotten.

For his valor, Michael Monsoor becomes the fourth Medal of Honor recipient in the war on terror. Like the three men who came before him, Mike left us far too early. But time will not diminish his legacy. We see his legacy in the SEALs whose lives he saved. We see his legacy in the city of Ramadi, which has gone from one of the most dangerous places in Iraq to one of the most safest. We see his legacy in the family that stands before us filled with grief, but also with everlasting pride.

Mr. and Mrs. Monsoor: America owes you a debt that can never be repaid. This nation will always cherish the memory of your son. We will not let his life go in vain. And this nation will always honor the sacrifice he made. May God comfort you. May God bless America.

Come on up. And now George and Sally Monsoor will be here — a Military Aide will read the citation.

The citation is read:

The President of the United States, in the name of the Congress, takes pride in presenting the Medal of Honor, posthumously, to Master At Arms Second Class, Sea, Air and Land, Michael A. Monsoor, United States Navy. For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as Automatic Weapons Gunner for Naval Special Warfare Task Group Arabian Peninsula, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM on 29 September 2006.

As a member of a combined SEAL and Iraqi Army sniper overwatch element, tasked with providing early warning and stand-off protection from a rooftop in an insurgent-held sector of Ar Ramadi, Iraq, Petty Officer Monsoor distinguished himself by his exceptional bravery in the face of grave danger. In the early morning, insurgents prepared to execute a coordinated attack by reconnoitering the area around the element’s position. Element snipers thwarted the enemy’s initial attempt by eliminating two insurgents. The enemy continued to assault the element, engaging them with a rocket-propelled grenade and small arms fire. As enemy activity increased, Petty Officer Monsoor took position with his machine gun between two teammates on an outcropping of the roof. While the SEALs vigilantly watched for enemy activity, an insurgent threw a hand grenade from an unseen location, which bounced off Petty Officer Monsoor’s chest and landed in front of him. Although only he could have escaped the blast, Petty Officer Monsoor chose instead to protect his teammates. Instantly and without regard for his own safety, he threw himself onto the grenade to absorb the force of the explosion with his body, saving the lives of his two teammates. By his undaunted courage, fighting spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of certain death, Petty Officer Monsoor gallantly gave his life for his country, thereby reflecting great credit upon himself and upholding the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

Rest in peace.

Charlton Heston

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Rest in peace sir.

There has been many articles on this, so I won’t add much, other than to say; America has lost a treasure.

Here’s a great article about him:

A Persona Carved in Stone

Christianity is under attack, and I won’t be quiet about it. If you are a Christian, or not, but believe in freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, that the Constitution guarantees, then don’t stand idly by and let the left’s homosexual agenda, the school indoctrination of Islam and their intolerance towards Christians continue.

Speak out against this whenever you encounter it and write your Representatives and Senators to let them know how you feel about this.

In the mean time, you can go to and view a series that addresses this issue. Don’t let this continue.

The fourth episode of “Speechless … Silencing the Christians” will air this Saturday night, April 5, at 8:30 p.m. (EDT) on INSP cable network. This is the fourth episode of “Speechless.”

Watch, and then forward the information to your family and friends!

This episode is titled “Olivia’s Song.” It tells the story of a little girl who was prohibited from singing about God in her school talent show. You can watch the program on INSP cable TV network. See if INSP is available in your area. Or you can see the newest episode online at

You can view the fourth episode for free on the Web, but you must register to watch the program. Heavy online traffic at may slow down your computer. If so, we advise you to come back later and watch it. The program will be available for viewing all week.

All three of the previous episodes are also available for you to watch at