Focusing on the Wrong Perp

Posted: 17 Mar 2008 in Politics

 This needed to be shown in its entirety. If America doesn’t wake up to the mental illness that is liberalism, we are doomed as a country.

Focusing on the Wrong Perp


By Michael Reagan

Along with most Americans, the media have swooned over Eliot Spitzer like women swooning over Barack Obama (about whom they are also aswoon), but are now outraged over the departing New York governor for doing naughty things to what appears to be a battery of hookers.

They’re picking on the wrong perpetrator. What Spitzer did to those ladies of the night — and the voters of New York — the Democrat Congress has been doing to us. That’s where we ought to be focusing our rage.

Spitzer, the scourge of Wall Street (which he claimed, often groundlessly, was screwing stockholders), came into office promising to reform the state’s government, which he claimed was screwing the people of New York. Instead he seems to have spent a lot of time screwing hookers and the voters of New York State.

Madam Pelosi and her co-conspirator Harry Reid took over the House and Senate promising to reform Capitol Hill. Spitzer screwed hookers; Pelosi and Reid proceeded to screw the American people.

At this very moment the safety of the American people is at risk thanks to Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership, who won’t let the House vote to allow the government to monitor communications between terrorists plotting to wreak havoc on the citizens of the U.S. On February 16, 2008 House Democrats allowed the terrorist surveillance program to expire, putting the American people in danger. The following week, the House left for a ten-day vacation. As Bloomberg News noted, Democrats have sought to block the Protect America Act, fully aware that it would pass with overwhelming bipartisan support, just as the Senate bill did earlier in February by a vote of 68-29.

Pelosi and Reid and their fellow Democrats are planning to stick it to taxpayers by refusing to extend the Bush tax cuts, which got us out of the post-Clinton recession and spurred economic growth on a heroic scale. They expire at the end of 2010. If Democrats have their way we will suffer the largest tax increase in American history — as much as $2 trillion according to some experts. The National Center for Policy Analysis has reported that the U.S. Department of the Treasury estimated that “repealing the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts would raise taxes an average of $1,544 for more than 100 million Americans and cost a married couple with an income of $40,000 and two children $1,933 annually.” That’s called a royal screwing, and it’s the American people getting screwed.

An increasing number of top scientists are disputing the claims of Al Gore and his fellow global-warming alarmists that the rise in atmospheric levels of CO2 is caused by human activity, or that the rise is causing global warming. Despite growing evidence that the critics are correct, Congressional Democrats are attempting to impose restrictions that would put an additional burden of billions of dollars on industry and commerce at the very time when the economy is crippled.

With clear and convincing evidence that the surge is working in Iraq, and that the Iraqis are now shouldering more and more of the burden of fighting al Qaeda, House and Senate Democrats continue to insist that the war is lost and are demanding that the United States withdraw from Iraq before the job is done, thus exposing the Iraqis to a rebirth of al Qaeda and threatening the entire Middle East to new terrorism.

Democrat promises to reform the sleazy process known as earmarking kept reformers from gutting this shameful and deceptive practice, thus allowing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to fund pork projects in members’ districts to help them win re-election. Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. John Murtha was named as the number-one porker thanks to the large number of earmarks he managed to push through.

Compared to Congressional Democrats, Eliot Spitzer was a rank amateur in the art of screwing — he should have learned how to do it from his Democrat Party colleagues in Washington. They’re the real experts.

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