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Global Warming Test

Posted: 18 Feb 2008 in Politics

Go see how up to speed you really are:

Global Warming Test 

Time to Ask Real Questions

Posted: 18 Feb 2008 in Politics

If the politicians were forced to answer questions like this, none of them would be fit for office.


1 – If you are elected to the office you seek:

a) what laws will you repeal;
b) what taxes will you reduce or eliminate;
c) what government agencies will you shrink or close?

2 – Would you support criminal penalties:

a) for politicians who violate their oath of office;
b) for bureaucrats who act outside the powers delegated to them?

3 – When did you last read the state and federal Constitutions? 4 – Should someone who has sworn an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, but who then votes to allocate tax funds to programs or departments not authorized by that Constitution, be removed from office?

5 – Can you name any current areas of government operations that are outside the authority delegated to government?

6 – Can you name areas where government might serve the public interest, but where it has no authority to act? If not, is it still accurate to say we have “government of limited powers”? Does this matter?

7 – As a candidate for a state or federal office, can you think of any ways to improve enforcement of the 10th Amendment (the states and the people retain powers not delegated to the federal government)?


8 – With regard to jury trials, should judges be required to inform jurors that they have the power, in the sanctity of the jury room, to decide whether a law in question is just, or constitutional? Should schools teach this?

9 – With regard to due process, should judges be allowed to prevent defendants from presenting a defense on constitutional grounds if they so choose? 10 – With regard to the war on drugs, is the war succeeding? When could it be declared a success, the expense of waging it cease, and the tax-based infrastructure surrounding it be decreased or dismantled? If it can’t be declared a success, when might it be declared a failure and brought to a close? How do you respond to critics who say the war on some drugs is really just a federal-agent jobs program that provides price supports for the cartels?

11 – With regard to law enforcement, are you in favor of police being allowed to use deadly force when absolutely necessary to protect innocent lives from criminal attack? Do you believe that people, even people with no training of any kind, have less right to defend themselves than the authorities do?

12 – With regard to the right to keep and bear arms, would you support gun laws that would specifically disarm religious individuals, either on the way to or at religious services? Would this be OK as long as all religions were treated equally?

13 – With regard to establishing a federal ID number for every American, would you vote to enable or block such legislation if it were proposed? Which part of the Constitution would authorize such controls over citizens?

14 – With regard to asset-forfeiture laws and policies, describe how these are permissible under the Constitution. If elected, would you do anything to change current asset-forfeiture law?

15 – If elected to the office you seek, would you support legislation to license writers or register printing presses? Would you support legislation to license publishers to help control “hate speech?” Why would an honest writer or publisher object to such a program? If you cannot justify licensing writers, on what basis could you justify licensing gun owners?

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Iraq News

Posted: 5 Feb 2008 in Military, Politics

February 4, 2008

Iraqi SWAT detains 28 suspects, kills seven terrorists in operations targeting AQI

    Multi-National Corps – Iraq PAO

    BAGHDAD – The Al Hillah Iraqi Special Weapons and Tactics unit, with U.S. Special Forces advisors, arrested 28 suspects during air assault operations targeting an al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist network near Salman Pak Feb. 3.

    During the operation, Iraqi and U.S. Forces killed seven terrorists and wounded one.

     Hillah SWAT launched the mission to capture an al-Qaeda commander who led operations in Al-Suwayrah, south of Baghdad. According to credible intelligence, he conducted financial transactions for the terrorist group and recruited foreign fighters, including women, to attack Iraqi citizens, Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition Forces with improvised explosive devices and small-arms attacks.

    Reports indicate he ordered a female suicide bomber to attack a religious gathering in Diyala Province Jan. 16. Also targeted was an AQI cell that builds vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices.

     The cell is reportedly responsible for six attacks against Coalition and Iraqi Forces, as well as the murder of four Iraqi citizens.

     Iraqi and U.S. Forces landed at multiple helicopter landing zones, moved to several objectives and entered multiple residences during the operation. During the operation, as two enemy fighters were observed maneuvering tactically against one of the HLZs, they were engaged by a Coalition Forces aerial weapons team and killed.

     Ground forces received small-arms fire during entry into one structure. One U.S. Special Forces Soldier disarmed an enemy fighter and rendered first aid to him for a hand wound.

    Five enemy fighters observed maneuvering from structure to structure to flank ground forces were engaged and killed.

     Moving to another structure, ground forces came under heavy small-arms fire.  Ground forces returned fire and entered the structure. Upon entry, ground forces secured and detained eight males.

    A wounded civilian with a minor leg wound was treated on-site. Another Iraqi civilian was treated, but pronounced dead at the scene. During a search of the building, ground forces found hand grenades and a suicide vest IED.

     Ground forces detained 28 suspects for further questioning.

MND-B Soldiers bring gifts to village school children

By Pfc. April Campbell
3rd BCT PAO, 4th Inf. Div., MND-B
Multi-National Division – Baghdad PAO

BAYRK, Iraq – Making a positive impact on the lives of Iraqis, no matter how small, is a big part of current operations by Coalition Forces in the Fahama region.

Soldiers with the 1st Platoon, Company D, 1st Combined Arms Battalion, 68th Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad, made an impact Feb. 2 by bringing presents to school children in Bayrk, a rural village in Fahama.

Upon arriving at the school, the Soldiers passed out backpacks, pencils and stuffed animals to the eager children who swarmed around them.

Pfc. Dennis Romans, , who serves as a driver with the 1st Platoon, Company D, helped hand out the treats to the children, which he said reminded him of giving presents to his own three children.

“I just like seeing them smile,” said the Colorado Springs, Colo., native. “That’s my thing. I love kids.”
It was not the first time Soldiers in the platoon handed out treats to the children. These Soldiers make an effort to bring toys and other school supplies when they go on missions in case children are present.

“We try to bring out snacks and toys and sometimes pens,” Romans said. “We’re in an area where the kids don’t have access to the things they need. I think they truly appreciate it.”

While the Soldiers’ gift giving mission was successful, there is still much that needs to be done for the school, which was built by Soldiers in a previous unit who operated in the area. The school has a lack of water and electricity.

Soldiers wrapped up the gift-giving mission to Bayrk by searching for more ways to help the people. To help the local economy, the Soldiers spoke to two village shop owners to find out if they could use micro grants to help fix up their stores. The micro grant program provides some shop owners with money to be used in repairing and renovating their businesses.