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Prof teaches ‘being gay’ with taxpayer funding

‘Being homosexual doesn’t mean you don’t learn how to become one’

A University of Michigan class that earlier prompted state lawmakers to consider a 10 percent budget penalty for the school and is taught by a homosexual professor openly endorsing the “uncompromising political militancy” of “lesbian and gay studies” is returning.

But so is the opposition.

The class at the tax-funded University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is called “How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation,” and is taught by David Halperin.

It surfaced in 2000, returned the following year and again a couple years later. Now university officials have confirmed it is returning, and Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, said “it was and remains an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars.”

“Each time it has been offered we have renewed our objections to it. The first time around the Michigan House of Representatives came with a few votes of cutting the university budget by 10 percent,” he said.

He said Halperin “makes no bones about it on the other side of the world, knowingly using tax dollars to promote the militant political agenda of homosexuality.”


This school should lose all federal funding until they stop this professor. This is beyond stupid.


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War over indoctrination moves to initiative arena

Pro-family groups seeking to overturn ‘gay’ mandates

The battle in California over a new state law that would mandate a positive – and no other – portrayal of bisexuals, homosexuals, transgenders and others choosing alternative sexual lifestyles in public schools has moved into a campaign for an initiative.

Officials with Save Our Kids made the announcement yesterday after confirming that their effort to obtain 434,000 signatures for a referendum fell short, coming up with 350,000 names.

“For a completely volunteer-driven campaign to obtain this number of signatures is unheard of,” said Karen England, director of the Save Our Kids campaign, and executive director of Capitol Resource Family Impact.

“We had to overcome incredible difficulties during our signature gathering, including the holidays, and the results are astonishing,” she said.



Terror plot to blow up Eiffel Tower uncovered

A plot by Islamic terrorists to blow up the Eiffel Tower has been uncovered.

A scrambled short-wave radio conversation exposing the planned attack on the world’s most visited monument was picked up by Portuguese air traffic controllers and passed on to French spy chiefs.

The 1,060ft high tower has more than six million visitors a year – an average of more than 16,000 a day.

A successful strike on the 7,500 ton iron tower, which was looked down on Paris since 1889, would be a French 9/11 and could cost thousands of lives.

The threat was uncovered in a “vague and muffled” radio conversation picked up by air traffic controllers in Lisbon on Thursday.

It comes after a spate of other threats made in recent days on the websites linked to Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terror network, calling for the “brothers of Islam to strike Paris”.