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Armed Forces Day

Posted: 18 May 2007 in Politics

Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day.


President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country.


On August 31, 1949, Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of an Armed Forces Day to replace separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Days. The single-day celebration stemmed from the unification of the Armed Forces under one department — the Department of Defense.

Let our troops know that you appreciate their service.

I do.

Short, fat people may get rights

MASSACHUSETTS | Would law stop bias — or business?

May 18, 2007

BOSTON — Ellen Frankel stands just 4-foot-8 inches tall, a size that allowed larger co-workers to playfully scoop her up at the office and make remarks about her height. Some even patted her on the head. Lawmakers are considering complaints such as hers as they review a bill that would make Massachusetts just the second state to bar discrimination based on height or weight.

”People in authority will very easily make comments about height that they wouldn’t make about race or gender,” said Frankel, a Marblehead author.

Jeanne Toombs understands the frustration. She says overweight people routinely are discriminated against because of their size.

”It’s not fair. No matter what you think of fat people, they deserve to be treated like human beings,” said Toombs, 59, a piano teacher who weighs 300 pounds.

But Republican analyst Todd Domke is concerned that lawmakers will scare off businesses if they expand protection to include short and overweight workers.

”We might as well add colorblind, left-handed, allergic-to-cashews, and get it over with,” Domke said.

What a crock!

I want protections because of my freckles! People are always looking at me with those “laughing” eyes! Bastards.

Offset the Carbon Credit Crap

Posted: 18 May 2007 in Politics

Here’s your chance to offset Al Gore’s idiocy.

Go to


This is a good way to offset the left’s lunacy.

Why We Do It

The reason we sell Carbon Debits is simple – we want to take away the pathetic excuse of Carbon Credits from those liberals who hide their shame filled lives behind money-bought lunacy. Carbon Credits are simply a way for the rich (Al Gore) to continue to hypocritically live lives that look nothing like what they try to enforce on everyone else in society. We want to take away those excuses.

Our goal is to completely wipe out every Carbon Credit ever bought by selling their nullifying opposite – the Carbon Debit. The guilt and shame that caused people to buy Carbon Credits in the first place will be placed back on them as we let them know that their actions caused us to nullify their credits. They are the cause of us killing trees; they need to face up to their guilt.

This message is important for one reason – Far Left Liberals are lunatics that operate solely on shame of themselves, their success, their country, and their wealth. It is time to expose their ideas and self-defeating idiocy – and selling Carbon Debits is the best way to do that.


What We Do
Very simply, we provide a way to fight the fallacy of Carbon Credits by selling Carbon Debits. These are not just meaningless words but have actions behind them as we remove a tree for every debit purchased.

After receiving a Carbon Debit purchase we would process it as follows:
1. Carbon Debit Purchase is recorded and Certificate of Purchase is emailed 2. Our Carbon Debit Specialist is notified of the Carbon Debit Purchase 3. The Carbon Debit Specialist executes one tree for every Carbon Debit purchased. 4. The destruction of the tree is relayed back to Carbon Debit head-quarters for final Carbon Debit confirmation.

Although our actions are obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek we take all Carbon Debit orders seriously and will execute a tree and remove the equivalent of one Carbon Credit from those who are trying to be guilt free in their energy gluttony.

We also provide t-shirts and others items so that you may show those around you that you have taken action on the threat of Global Carbon Credits. Encourage everyone you know – buy a Carbon Debit today!

I love it.

 This is a definate sign of progress for the Iraqis. This shows that they are committed to a professional army, and not some third world ragtag bunch of yahoos.

Good for them.

Iraqi soldiers switching over to M-16s and M-4s

Weapon to be paired with a troop through retinal scan, photograph

By Joseph Giordono, Stars and Stripes
Mideast edition, Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In a major shift of weaponry, the Iraqi army is crossing over from the AK-47 assault rifle to the American-made M-16 and M-4 rifles, U.S. military and Iraqi officials have confirmed.

The first class of Iraqi recruits has already been issued M-16s instead of AK-47s, American officials said, and as many as 1,600 Iraqi troops will be using the standard American-issue weapon by the end of May.

The U.S. command issued a statement saying that “the Iraqi government made the decision to crossover from standard AK-47 assault rifles as part of the reshaping of their military and security forces.”

Under the new program, officials said, Iraqi army officers will be issued M-4 rifles while rank-and-file soldiers will receive M-16A4 models.