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Obama is a Racist

Posted: 9 May 2007 in Politics

I firmly believe that if you attend a racist church, you are inherently racist.
There is no way you can sit through sermon after sermon that denegrates the white man and not be affected by it.
In fact, not only are you affected by it, you would actually advocate such feelings toward others.
Mr. Obama may talk a good game for the cameras, but I think he is just another racist Democrat that has been ogled over by the media.
A vote for this man, is a vote for racism at its worst.

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Hypocrisy, Anyone?

“Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois today urged hundreds of blacks not to vote along racial lines next week in Maryland’s Senate race. Obama, the only black U.S. senator, came to the state to rally support for Democratic Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, who is white. Cardin’s Republican opponent, Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, is the first black candidate ever elected statewide and has been courting black Democrats.”–Associated Press, Nov. 3

“The nation’s only black senator, Barack Obama, D-Ill., asked voters at two black churches and at a Nashville rally to elect [Harold] Ford, a Democrat who is trying to become the first black senator from the South in more than 100 years. ‘I know that all of you are going to work the next couple of days to make sure it happens, because I’m feeling lonely in Washington,’ Obama said at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church. ‘I need my dear friend to join me.’ “
–Associated Press, Nov. 5

Racist ass.