Harry Reid and Iran

Posted: 23 Jan 2007 in Politics

Harry Reid and Iran

As I have warned before, the Democrats will do anything in their imagination to ruin this country.
One way is by empowering our adversaries with their rhetoric.

Let’s take a look at their latest blunder…

Today’s New York Sun editorial:

“Since Washington’s hostile and hawkish policies have always been against the Iranian nation, this defeat is actually an obvious victory for the Iranian nation.”

—The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, November 10, 2006.

Not since Dean Acheson helped provoke a North Korean invasion of the south on January 12, 1950, by stating publicly that Seoul was not part of America’s defense perimeter has a Democrat so blundered. That’s the appropriate way to describe Senator Reid’s remarks Friday at the National Press Club.

“The president does not have the authority to launch military action in Iran without first seeking congressional authorization,” the Senate majority leader said, standing next to Speaker Pelosi.

The present situation differs from the one 57 years ago in that the enemy, in this case Iran, is already in Iraq. The Iranians are manning outposts our GIs are raiding. The Iranians are infiltrating the Iraqi government and interior ministry. But the stakes for the American interest are similarly high. And there is enough ambiguity about America’s intentions in Iraq in light of the Democratic victory in November that Mr. Reid’s remarks could have the same devastating effects as Mr. Acheson’s.


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