Illegal Aliens Soon to be Legal… Thanks to the Democrats

Posted: 26 Dec 2006 in Politics

Saw this coming too. Fucking democrats and the RINOs are gonna fuck this country over in two years.

You fucking idiots that voted for this deserve to foot the bill, I think my taxes should be exempt from supporting any immigration fiasco that arrises from this shit.

December 26, 2006

Bipartisan Effort to Draft Immigration Bill

Counting on the support of the new Democratic majority in Congress,
Democratic lawmakers and their Republican allies are working on
measures that could place millions of illegal immigrants on a more
direct path to citizenship than would a bill that the Senate passed in
the spring.

The lawmakers are considering abandoning a requirement in the Senate
bill that would compel several million illegal immigrants to leave the
United States before becoming eligible to apply for citizenship.

The lawmakers are also considering denying financing for 700 miles of fencing along the border with Mexico, a law championed by Republicans that passed with significant Democratic support.

Details of the bill, which would be introduced early next year, are
being drafted. The lawmakers, who hope for bipartisan support, will
almost certainly face pressure to compromise on the issues from some
Republicans and conservative Democrats.

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