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Notes From a War Diary

Posted: 22 Dec 2006 in Politics
Notes From a War Diary (Fourth in a Series)
by Oliver North
Posted Dec 22, 2006

TQ AIRBASE, Iraq — Our Fox News team is aboard a U.S. Marine C-130
aircraft, departing Iraq, headed for Kuwait — the eighth time we have
left war-torn Mesopotamia this way. It’s exactly 45 months since I
first entered Iraq on the night that Operation Iraqi Freedom began.
Then, I was aboard a Marine CH-46, and the bird to our left,
transporting a squad of Royal Marine Commandos, went down, killing all

Today’s flight, call sign “Midas 10,” is designated as an “Angel
Flight.” It carries the flag-draped metal coffin containing the body of
a young Marine captain killed yesterday by enemy fire. Usually aircraft
headed out of country are crammed with dirty, tired, armor-clad
warriors celebrating their departure. Today, it’s just the flight crew
and us, and all aboard are somber. Everyone is painfully aware that
back home, an American family is going to grieve for Christmas.

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