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Send the troops at Gitmo a card. Thank them for their service to this nation and for the abuses that they must take from both the prisoners and the media.
If I were running Gitmo, those Islamic pieces of shit would be put in their proper place. The Koran would be a flushing on a daily basis.

From Democracy Project

Col. Gordon Cucullu, U.S. Army (Ret.), is a sometime blogger here at
Democracy Project and a personal friend. Gordon writes frequently and
passionately about American forces serving around the world, and the
email below, sent from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, tells of a neglected band
of brothers who receive fewer Christmas cards from the American people
than those stationed at other locales: the guards at Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba. Worse, they receive more abuse from the press, in spite of the
documented fact that they are subject to constant abuse from the
terrorists they guard.

As if that isn’t enough, last Christmas the terrorists held there
received no fewer than 14,000 pieces of mail at Christmas, and they’re
expected to receive 16,000 this year. All while our troops there are,
for the most part, overlooked even by those of us here at home who
support their mission.

Gordon gives the address to which you may send cards at the end of his essay, but here it is again:

“Any Trooper, JTF GTMO, APO AE 09360”

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