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Race Double Standards

Posted: 6 Dec 2006 in Politics

Keeping with my earlier theme, here is an article from the American Thinker

Racial Double Standards
Steven M. Warshawsky

Last week on HBO’s Inside the NFL, star running back Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs stated during an interview that he relates much better to his current coach, Herm Edwards, because they both are African-American. Indeed, Johnson went so far as to say that African-American athletes perform better for African-American coaches because, unlike white coaches, black coaches can understand what “young black athletes” go through in life.

Where is the outcry?
Where are the advocates of race relations?
What a crock.

New Blog

Posted: 6 Dec 2006 in Politics

Here’s my new blog.

I’ll be bouncing between the two.

This is an article that needs to be read in its entirety.

Heather Mac Donald
No, the Cops Didn’t Murder Sean Bell
And here’s what decent black advocates would say.

Memo to Jackson: The police have a disproportionate number of interactions with blacks because blacks are committing a disproportionate number of crimes. That fact comes from the testimony of the victims of those crimes, themselves largely black, not from the police. In New York City, blacks committed 62 percent of all murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults from 1998 to 2000, according to victim and witness identification, even though they make up only 25 percent of the city’s population. Whites committed 8 percent of those crimes over that period, though they are 28 percent of New York residents. These proportions have been stable for years and remain so today. It’s not the “criminal-justice system” that has broken down for young black males; it’s families and other sources of cultural support. Changing the subject and blaming the police just perpetuates the problem.

Heather is all over this one.
I couldn’t agree more. It is the problem with all inner cities in America. Don’t think for a second that the police are profiling anyone. If the majority of crime is comitted by blacks against blacks, then what should the police do? Maybe they should arrest the nearest white guy in response to the crime. Get real.