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Ivan Perez

Posted: 29 Aug 2006 in Politics

In Tribute to Ivan Perez
37 years old. From: New York, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center 9-11-01

Rest in peace.

Remember the Victims of 9-11!

Posted: 25 Aug 2006 in Politics

Remember the victims of 9-11.
My blog is part of the 2996 bloggers that are remembering one victim each for 9-11.
Please join the effort and emember those that fell on that day.

News Tid Bits

Posted: 18 Aug 2006 in Politics


Controversial Muslim group gets VIP airport security tour Feds show CAIR latest screening steps, sensitive counterterrorism procedures

Dem angst escalates

Israeli government faces deep post-Lebanon crisis

Hizbollah hands out cash to Lebanese

Bush and Blair are not the root cause of jihad

Just going to post links for a while.
If I feel like adding comments I will.
This particular thread of news is mostly related to the threat of islamofascists and their muslim ilk.
I may tend to spend most of my time and posts dedicated to exposing the muslim lies and distortion, along with the terrorism that is associated with it.

3 Egyptian Students Taken Into Custody

Plan to blow up 6-10 planes in mid-flight over ocean

‘Mass murder’ bomb plot

Israel says BBC not reporting war fairly


AIM Report: “Impartial News” With a British Accent?

Bold Distortions and Outright Lies

Media Downplays SeattleTerror Attack

“>De Borchgrave: The U.S. and Iran are fighting World War IV—and Lebanon is the current battlefield

Beaudoin: Hezbollah, not Israel, is using civilians as ‘cannon fodder’

Apocalypse Now?

Hot Rockets
Hezbollah turns ball bearings into WMDs.

How to Speak Liberal . . .
Start by obfuscating.

Anti-war, Anti-Israel, Anti-Joe
The New Democrats.