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I think it is high time that the Republican Party wake up to the fact that “We’re not quite as bad as the Democrats,” as the Party slogan isn’t going to win them any elections.

The Republican Party needs to get back to its core beliefs and values and stop pumping up the pork in bills that are unnecessary and in my mind a fraud.

The Transportation Bill that was recently passed, needs to be rescinded so that the recovery of the Gulf Coast can be paid for without reaching into my pocket more than it has to.

The $286 billion transportation measure contains a record 6,371 pet projects inserted by members of Congress from both parties.

According to transportation officials, “the vast majority of the measure is geared toward road construction and public transit projects, with the money doled out over five years according to formulas designed to provide state and local governments considerable flexibility.”
There are nearly 6,500 member-requested projects worth more than $24 billion, nearly nine percent of the total spending.
Read that last line again!

The Congress is out of control, the Republican Party no longer stands for fiscal conservatism, and the Democrats aren’t any better.

It is time for the true Conservatives in this country to kick out those in the Republican Party that can’t stand up to the true calling that we as a people have expected from them.

Vote them out, don’t replace them with Democrats either!
It is time for a new Conservative Party movement to commence!
In fact, I think that should be the name of the Party, “The Conservative Party of America” has a nice ring to it.

Get rid of these bums that call themselves conservative and merely cave into the crap that the Democrats spew. They are spineless weasels and have made a mockery of the Republican Party.

I hereby resign as a card carrying member of the Republican Party.
I will maintain independent status until such time as a true Conservative Party is born.

I will maintain Independent status until such time as a true Conservative Party is born, or the old one decides to come back to its base.
You no longer have my vote, or support.
If you want it, you have to earn it.