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The Boxer Rebellion

Posted: 26 Apr 2005 in Politics

Barbara Boxer is a liar, a fraud, and a hypocrite.
There is no other way to state it.
She is a liar, and I fear a pathological one at that.
She is a fraud in that she claims to represent her actions are in the filibuster madness is a historical precedent in the Senate.
She is a hypocrite in her dealings with judicial nominees.

Read on.

“Boxer would be barely qualified to manage a brassiere store if she had to earn a living.”
-Rush Limbaugh

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I’ll give you some examples of these lies.

During the confirmation hearings for Dr. Rice for Secretary of State;
Boxer accused Dr. Rice of being a dishonest salesman for President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq. Boxer said during the Senate hearing:

“Your loyalty to the mission you were given, to sell this war, overwhelmed your respect for the truth…. I also will not shrink from questioning a war that was not built on the truth. Now, perhaps the most well known statement you’ve made was the one about Saddam Hussein launching a nuclear weapon on America with the image of quote, quoting you, a mushroom cloud. That image had to frighten every American into believing that Saddam Hussein was on the verge of annihilating them if he was not stopped. And I will be placing into the record a number of such statements you made which have not been consistent with the facts.”

Boxer attacked Dr. Rice for the entire 10 minutes she was allotted for questioning the nominee, without once giving Dr. Rice a chance to respond, and tried to end the attack without giving Dr. Rice a chance to say ANYTHING with: “As a matter of fact, you’ve said more misstatements: that the territory of the terrorists has been shrinking when your own administration says it’s now expanded to 60 countries. So I am deeply troubled. Thank you.”

Dr. Rice then addressed Senator Lugar, the Republican Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with: “Senator, may I respond?”

Sen. Lugar said “Yes. Let me just say that I appreciate the importance of Senator Boxer’s statement, that’s why we allowed the statement to continue for several more minutes.” Boxer had exceeded her allotted time. Lugar, addressing Dr. Rice went on to say: “But, clearly, you ought to have the right to respond. And then, at that point, we’re going to have a recess. But will you please give your response?”

Rice responded:

“Senator, I have to say that I have never, ever lost respect for the truth in the service of anything. It is not my nature. It is not my character. And I would hope that we can have this conversation and discuss what happened before and what went on before and what I said, without impugning my credibility or my integrity. The fact is that we did face a very difficult intelligence challenge in trying to understand what Saddam Hussein had in terms of weapons of mass destruction. We knew something about him. We knew that we had gone to war with him twice in the past, in 1991 and in 1998. We knew that he continued to shoot at American aircraft in the no-fly zone as we tried to enforce the resolutions that the U.N. Security Council had passed. We knew that he continued to threaten his neighbors. We knew that he was an implacable enemy of the United States, who did cavort with terrorists. We knew that he was the world’s most dangerous man in the world’s most dangerous region. And we knew that in terms of weapons of mass destruction, he had sought them before, tried to build them before, that he had an undetected biological weapons program that we didn’t learn of until 1995, that he was closer to a nuclear weapon in 1991 than anybody thought. And we knew, most importantly, that he had used weapons of mass destruction.

“That was a context that, frankly, made us awfully suspicious when he refused to account for his weapons of mass destruction programs, despite repeated Security Council resolutions and despite the fact that he was given one last chance to comply with Resolution 1441. Now, there were lots of data points about his weapons of mass destruction programs. Some were right and some were not. But what was right was that there was an unbreakable link between Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction.”

Sen. Boxer was given even more time for her attack, charging Dr. Rice with

“Well, you should you read what we voted on when we voted to support the war, which I did not, but most of my colleagues did. It was WMD, period. That was the reason and the causation for that particular vote.”

Actually, the first authorization for the use of force in Iraq was made, not under President Bush, but under President Clinton when Barbara Boxer’s pal, Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State. In 1998 the top reason for authorizing President CLINTON to use force in Iraq was: “that Iraq was then in material and unacceptable breach of its international obligations and thereby threatened the vital interests of the United States and international peace and security.” That resolution became Public Law 105-235.”

The first resolution introduced to urge the president to take military action in Iraq was introduced by then Democrat Majority leader, Tom Daschle, on September 26, 2002 and the first reason given for taking military action was Public Law 105-235 passed in the Clinton administration. The resolution that finally did pass, Joint Resolution H.R. 114, referred to Public Law 105-235 and have 22 more reasons for authorizing military action against Iraq; that’s 23 reasons that the Congress gave Clinton.

The liar here is not Condi Rice. The liar is Barbara Boxer and it is proven in the Congressional Record by her own arguments on the floor of the Senate.
Boxer Lies About War Dead
In the Condi Rice hearings, Barbara Boxer (one of just two votes against Condi, along with John Kerry) said 25% of US military fatalities in Iraq came from California. That would be 342 of California’s finest, based on the then current count of 1,370 combat deaths.

The actual number of California soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq was 157, according to Iraqi Coalition Fatality Count. That’s 11.5%, not 25%.

Boxer is exploiting the war dead for her own political ends. How disgusting. How typical.

The lies of the left continue to go unchecked in the media. In fact, the media does their very best not to portray the liberal left in this country as they should be. The MSM continues to cover up any and all transgressions that the left has as well as exploit any and all discrepancies, however minute, or false, they may be, of the Conservative right.

Barbara Boxer is a liar, a fraud, and above all a feminazi of the highest order.

Boxer on the filibuster:

For Years, Senator Barbara Boxer Demanded The Senate Debate All Judicial Nominations And Hold An “Up-Or-Down” Floor Vote. Under President Clinton, Boxer Went So Far As To Condemn The Potential Filibuster Of A Nomination.

Senator Boxer On Judicial Nominees:
Senator Barbara Boxer: Let These Names Come Up, Let Us Have Debate, Let Us Vote.

“Mr. President, I am very glad that we are moving forward with judges
today.” We all hear, as we are growing up, that, “Justice delayed is justice
denied, and we have, in many of our courts, vacancies that have gone on for a
year, 2 years, and in many cases it is getting to the crisis level. So I am
pleased that we will be voting. I think, whether the delays are on the
Republican side or the Democratic side, let these names come up, let us have
debate, let us vote.” (Senator Barbara Boxer, Congressional Record, January 28,

Boxer Told Her Fellow Senators That Nominees Deserve An Up Or Down Vote.

“I make an appeal: If we vote to indefinitely postpone a vote on these two nominees or one of these two nominees, that is denying them an up-or-down vote. That would be such a twisting of what cloture really means in these cases. It has never been done before for a judge, as far as we know–ever. Again, it would undermine what Senator Lott said when he said these people deserve an up-or-down vote.” (Senator Barbara Boxer, Congressional Record, March 9, 2000)

Senator Boxer On Filibustering Presidential Nominees:

While Arguing That The Nomination Of Dr. Henry Foster For Surgeon General Deserved An Up-Or Down Senate Vote, Boxer Said That Senators Should Oppose Filibustering Nominations And Just Vote Their Conscience.

“He deserves his day. And filibustering this nomination is keeping him from his day. . . . Let us be fair. Let us stop the personal attack. Let us stop Presidential politics. Let us vote for cloture. Then let each and every Senator vote his or her conscience.” (Senator Barbara Boxer, Congressional Record, June 21, 1995)

Only Three Years Ago, Boxer Condemned Republicans’ Treatment Of Women And Minority Nominees, Calling It “Shameful”:

At A Press Conference In 2000, Boxer Called The Treatment Of Women And Minorities For The Federal Judiciary A “Nightmare.”

“I want to thank Senator Mikulski, I want to thank the American Association of University Women for organizing this effort to call attention to the shameful way that women nominees to the federal judiciary have been treated by this Republican Senate. Senator Mikulski has pointed out the long time that women and minorities have had to wait to get their day, if you will, in the Senate court, so they can take their seats on the judiciary. . . .

So we’re here today to end that nightmare, to give the Republican Senate a
wake-up call, to let the people of America know how these fine women are being
treated, and we are here to say we are going to focus the light on this matter.”
(Senator Barbara Mikulski and others, Press Conference, Washington, DC, September 14, 2000)

With A Republican President Nominating Judges, Boxer Has Changed Her Tune.

Instead Of Bringing Each Nomination To A Vote, Boxer Supports Partisan Democrat Filibusters Against Highly qualified Nominees. Boxer Even Opposes The Nomination Of Carolyn Kuhl, A Judge From Her Home State Of California.

Carolyn Kuhl

Judge Kuhl
Received A “Well-Qualified” Rating, The Highest Given By The American Bar
(American Bar Association Website,, May 20, 2003)

Boxer On Judge Carolyn Kuhl:

Boxer Attacked Kuhl For Being “Outside The Mainstream.”

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said she senses momentum has been building against Kuhl’s nomination to the San Francisco-based court, which hears federal appeals for nine states in the West.
“She is so far outside the mainstream,” said Boxer, who has provided her
colleagues with a detailed critique of Kuhl’s record in California and in the
Reagan administration. (Paul Chavez, Rejection Urged For Bush Appellate Court
Nominee, The Associated Press, May 8, 2003)

Boxer Promised To Oppose Kuhl And Asked President Bush To Withdraw Her Nomination.

Boxer said in a statement Thursday that the White House should withdraw the nomination, promising “much opposition” if Kuhl’s nomination is brought to a vote. “We can and should move beyond the Kuhl nomination and to consideration of a new nominee who is confirmable,” Boxer said. (David Whitney, Committee Clears Controversial Court Nominee, Scripps Howard News Service, May 8, 2003)

Boxer Launched An Attack On Senator Hatch For Holding A Hearing On Kuhl.

Boxer and a host of liberal advocacy groups paint Kuhl as a right-wing
ideologue and a foe of abortion rights. In a letter to Judiciary Chairman Orrin
Hatch, R-Utah, Boxer blasted his decision to go ahead with the hearing. “I am
extremely disappointed that you would disregard my prerogatives as one of the
home-state senators, and overturn your own policy, by moving forward on this
nominee. Your blue slip policy is apparently guided more by who is in the White
House rather than by powers given to us as U.S. Senators by one of the greatest
documents in the world, the U.S. constitution,” Boxer wrote. “‘This decision to
move forward without both home-state senators’ approval will have ramifications
for years to come.” (Jonathan Groner and Jason Hoppin, Senate Democrats Grill
9th Circuit Nominee, The Recorder, April 2, 2003)

Boxer Used Abortion As A Litmus Test For Kuhl’s Confirmation.

Judge Kuhl’s nomination has been stalled for nearly two years because Sen. Barbara
Boxer, California Democrat, refused to return her blue slip to indicate that
she’d been consulted on the appointment. “Judge Kuhl is way out of the
mainstream on choice and privacy, with writings that call for the outright
repeal of Roe,” Mrs. Boxer said in a press release, referring to the 1973 Roe v.
Wade decision on abortion. “I will oppose these nominations.” (Charles Hunt,
Panel OKs Court Nominee Despite Negative “Blue Slip,” The Washington Times,
April 2, 2003)

Judge Priscilla

Owen Judge
Priscilla Owen Also Received A “Well-Qualified” Rating, The Highest Rating Given
By The American Bar Association.
(American Bar Association Website,, May 20, 2003)

Boxer On Judge Priscilla Owen:

Ironically, Boxer Complained That Owen Legislates From The Bench.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said of Owen, “In such important areas as reproductive rights and civil rights and consumer protection, this nominee has legislated from the bench — and she has inserted her personal beliefs into the judicial process.” Boxer also complained about reports that Republicans planned to run ads against those
fighting Owen and Estrada as opposing women and Hispanics to the bench — and
said Democrats have led the fight for women’s rights. (Lee Davidson, Hatch
Sees Red Over Demos Grilling, The [Salt Lake City, Utah] Deseret News, May 2,

Boxer Attacked Owen For Her Stances, Calling Her So Far Right From Center That She Is Almost Off.

“Let me say that is extraordinary because as someone who worked so hard to support qualified minorities and women, I have praised by many in my State for doing just that.
But I have to tell you, if you place on the bench a minority or a woman who has
animosity toward the goals of minorities and women, you are dealing a great
setback to both minorities and women. I will make that point when I have to. But
as for today, I point out I voted for well over 90 percent of the President’s
appointees up to this point in time, but I cannot support this nomination. This
is why. President Bush pledged to govern from the center. Those were his words.
Yet this nominee is so far from the center that she is almost off, to the right.
She is barely on that line at all. That differs from the mainstream values of my
constituents and I believe of the majority of Americans.” (Senator Barbara
Boxer, Congressional Record, May 1, 2003)

Miguel Estrada

Miguel Estrada Also Received A “Well-Qualified” Rating, The Highest Rating Given By The American Bar Association. (American Bar Association Website,, May 20, 2003)

Boxer On Miguel Estrada:

Boxer Recently Said She Would Not Filibuster Right-Wing Judges; She Simply Would Not Vote For Them.

“Frankly, from my perspective, if people are off the charts on the right
wing, I am not going to vote for them. I will not filibuster them. Once they
give us the information, I am ready to vote. I will retain my right for a
Supreme Court Justice, however, on that point on the filibuster. But, in
general, if people answer questions, I will vote no. But I want the answers. I
don’t want a judicial selection process that excludes the Senate. It is the
worst thing that can happen in this country.” (Senator Barbara Boxer,
Congressional Record, February 26, 2003)

Now Boxer Opposes Removing The Filibuster Because It Would Weaken “The Senate’s Ability To Stop Radical Appointments.”

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said “removing the filibuster would hurt the Senate’s ability to stop radical appointments. The president should reread the Constitution and understand that the power to appoint judges is a shared power between the Senate and the president,” Boxer said. Democrats say they are blocking the nomination because “Estrada has not been forthcoming about his views.” (Jason Embry, Bush Urges Ban On Judicial Filibusters, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, March 12, 2003)

The hypocrisy of the left and especially Senator Boxer is absolutely evident and prevalent in their dealings in the Senate.
It is time for this Senator to be voted out of office.
It is time for this Senator to be filibustered every time she tries to open her mouth.

The second she opens her mouth, the Republicans present should shout in unison “HYPOCRITE”!

Eventually she might get a clue, although I highly doubt it. I doubt any liberal can get a clue if it was handed to them on a silver platter.

Barbara Boxer is a liar, a fraud, and a hypocrite of the highest order.

It is time she is hounded in the press for her actions and misinformation campaign at every turn.