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Posted: 8 Jan 2005 in Politics

There seems to be a rash of anti-military rhetoric as of late.

It rather sickens me, that people would do this.

If it weren’t for the military, you wouldn’t enjoy the freedoms that you have today.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

The Revolutionary War.


200,000 Troops; 4,435 KIA; 6,188 Wounded; 10,623 Total; 80 Months duration; 55 KIA/Month.

Ahh, the beginnings of freedom weren’t cheap, were they?

Now if it weren’t for those 200,000 soldiers, we’d still be kissing England’s ass.

War of 1812.

286,000 Troops; 2,260 KIA; 4,505 Wounded; 6,765 Total; 30 Months; 75 KIA/Month.

Some “scholars” feel that this was merely an extension of the Revolutionary War, others feel that it was a right of passage to sovereign status. Either way, they did this for our freedom.

Indian Wars


Total servicemembers 106,000

Battle deaths 1,000

The Mexican War.


78,700 Troops; 1,733 KIA; 11,550 Wounded; 4,152 Other; 17,435 Total; 20 Months 87 KIA/Month.

This particular war started with the incursion of the Mexican Army into Texas and their subsequent killing of several in a US scouting party. It finally ends after the US Army occupies Mexico City. Notice the map change after this time?

A point of contention with many I am sure, but, I tend to like the way things are now.

The Civil War.

At least 618,000 Americans died in the Civil War, and some experts say the toll reached 700,000. The number that is most often quoted is 620,000. At any rate, these casualties exceed the nation’s loss in all its other wars, from the Revolution through Vietnam.

Civil War (1861–1865)

Total servicemembers (Union) 2,213,363

Battle deaths (Union) 140,414

Other deaths in service (nontheater) (Union) 224,097

Nonmortal woundings (Union) 281,881

Total servicemembers (Conf.) 1,050,000

Battle deaths (Conf.) 74,524

Other deaths in service (nontheater) (Conf.) 59,2972

Nonmortal woundings (Conf.) unknown

The leading authority on casualties of the war, Thomas L. Livermore, admitting the handicap of poor records in some cases, studied 48 of the war’s battles and concluded:

Of every 1,000 Federals in battle, 112 were wounded.

Of every 1,000 Confederates, 150 were hit.

Mortality was greater among Confederate wounded, because of inferior medical service.

Spanish-American War.


Total servicemembers 306,760

Battle deaths 385

Other deaths in service (nontheater) 2,061

Nonmortal woundings 1,662

World War I.


Total servicemembers 4,734,991

Battle deaths 53,402

Other deaths in service (nontheater) 63,114

Nonmortal woundings 204,002

Living veterans fewer than 500

World War II.


Total servicemembers 16,112,566

Battle deaths 291,557

Other deaths in service (nontheater) 113,842

Nonmortal woundings 671,846

Living veterans 4,762,000

Korean War.


Total servicemembers 5,720,000

Serving in-theater 1,789,000

Battle deaths 33,741

Other deaths in service (theater) 2,827

Other deaths in service (nontheater) 17,730

Nonmortal woundings 103,284

Living veterans 3,734,000

Vietnam War.


Total servicemembers 8,744,000

Serving in-theater 3,403,000

Battle deaths 47,410

Other deaths in service (theater) 10,789

Other deaths in service (nontheater) 32,000

Nonmortal woundings 153,303

Living veterans 8,295,000

Gulf War.


Total servicemembers 2,183,000

Serving in-theater 665,476

Battle deaths 147

Other deaths in service (theater) 382

Other deaths in service (nontheater) 1,565

Nonmortal woundings 467

Living veterans 1,852,000

America’s Wars Total

Military service during war 42,348,460

Battle deaths 651,008

Other deaths in service (theater) 13,998

Other deaths in service (nontheater) 525,256

Nonmortal woundings 1,431,290

Living war veterans 17,578,500

Living veterans 25,038,459

I have not included the current war on terror, as it is ongoing and the numbers will change.

The point of this, is for those of you that have never served in any branch of the military, to get some perspective on what the military has done for you now, and in the past.

Being in the military does not make you a war monger. What it does do, is give you an appreciation for the sacrifices of those in the past and those that are currently sacrificing themselves for the cause of freedom and liberty.

Whenever you see a Veteran, remember this: “All gave some, some gave all.”

If you remember that, you might just find yourself in a position to show respect and thanks to all Veterans that you come across.

Also remember, it doesn’t matter which political party is running the country, the military always, and there is no exception, always follows the direction of our country as the current Commander in Chief designates.

War is merely an extension of politics by other means.

Thanks for your attention.

Class dismissed!

  1. Joker says:

    ‘Ahh, the beginnings of freedom weren’t cheap, were they?
    Now if it weren’t for those 200,000 soldiers, we’d still be kissing England’s ass.’

    And that’s bad because..?

    Have to say, you don’t get that many responses, 1iD. Keep plugging it on, [i]that[/i] should bring in the intelligent posters 🙂