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Kerry’s Lies

Posted: 30 Jul 2004 in Politics

Haven’t you had enough of this man’s lies?

He spouts rhetoric that President Bush lied, right along with the Liberal left.

Let’s look at his speech.
“I am John Kerry,” he saluted his audience to begin his convention speech, “reporting for duty.”
I want to puke everytime I think about it.
This coward wriggled his way out of Vietnam on trumped up wounds that required nothing more than a band-aid to fix and left his brothers in Vietnam. Left his crew. Came home and joined the VVAW. This organization not only protested, but aided and abetted the communist regime of North Vietnam. His actions were directly responsible for the demorilization of POWs and servicemen in combat. Need proof that he is a traitor to this country? Check out the Vietnam War Crimes Museum. He has a place of honor, right along with Hanoi Jane in their dubious museum.

I am too young to have been a victim of his heinous crime, yes it is a crime.
I am a veteran of the Army, 20 years, to include six months in the Gulf War. This man has no honor, and I wouldn’t trust him to lead me out of a wet paper bag, never mind leading this country.
As to Kerry’s military exploits, or lack there of, if that is all he has to offer in the way of substance, the Democrat Party is in for a rude awakening!

“I know what we have to do in Iraq. We need a President who has the credibility to bring our allies to our side and share the burden, reduce the cost to American taxpayers, and reduce the risk to American soldiers.”
“We need a strong military and we need to lead strong alliances. And then, with confidence and determination, we will be able to tell the terrorists: You will lose and we will win. The future doesn’t belong to fear; it belongs to freedom.”

What a lark! This guy is trying to tell the American people that he supports the military and we need more allies in the effort?! Give me a break! This guy has voted against most military aquisitions that were used in the Gulf War and the Global War on Terror.
He voted against the vests for our military! Yet in his speech, he even mentions this, as if he were in favor of it!

There are more examples that I will get to later, I need to settle down a bit, this guy makes me fume!

Get Tough America

Posted: 28 Jul 2004 in Politics


Get Tough America

J. D. Pendry

Get on your feet America.  Stand up straight and wipe that smirk from your face.  I’m dead serious and I want to look you in the eye and tell you what the millionaire, socially conscious, politically correct politicians ain’t going to.  This is the stump speech you need, but won’t get.  Besides, the politicians don’t want you to hear it anyway.

Get off the couch.  You’re fat.  You’re lazy.  You’re looking for handouts.  You think someone owes you something.  You’re drowning in victim hood.  You need patches, drugs and counseling to quit smoking ferchrissakes!  Your heroes are shallow actors and athletes, inept politicians that couldn’t even start a lawn mower, and gazillionaires with big stupid looking hair dos.  A good Army Private could whip any of them including the juiced up professional athletes and a six-pack of you before breakfast.

You’re hooked on reality TV because you don’t have the drive and gumption to take on a challenge of your own.  You can’t fire anybody, so you watch with glee while “the Donald” does it on your TV.  Whoops, better him than me.  You’re pathetic.  You’re soft.  You hide from your neighbors behind privacy fences.  Your friends are characters in Internet chat rooms.  You don’t go to Church anymore.  You don’t respect the flag of our country.    Your kids are fat and you blame McDonalds.  Your 14-year-old daughters dress like hookers and you blame it on MTV and Britney.  They expose their belly buttons, are tattooed and wear wonder bras while your sons walk around in a mating ritual with their butts hanging out of their trousers.  They resemble a herd of baboons in mating season.  Your public schools are a disaster because the people you allow to run them are a disaster.  You’ve allowed them to become instruments of indoctrination rather than education.  When is the last time you got up off of your broad butt and visited the place where your child goes to learn each day?  All of you could give me an update on Scott Peterson, Kobie Bryant, Michael Jackson or Martha Stewart, but couldn’t tell me anything of substance about the political candidates who want to run our country.  I’m not sure you deserve America.  You sit on your butt and complain about everything, but do not take one single step toward fixing what’s broke.  Look in the mirror.   Fix that first.  Then stop whining.  Stand up and do something. 

We have people who want to lead our country telling us we need to regain respect from the international community.  Crap!  I think the international community needs to regain our respect!  I don’t care about Germany, France, Russia, China or any other country that you can think of that wishes it was America.  I think the United Nations is a bad joke played on the world for too long.  I care about Americans.  I don’t care about political parties, special interest groups or plastic politicians.  I care about soldiers, firemen, policemen, garbage men, teachers, mechanics, factory workers and the cashier at the department store – YOU and ME!

Our Congress is another bad joke played on America.  Do you think any corporation could succeed or even survive if half it’s members spent every waking minute trying to ensure that the leadership of the corporation failed – at all costs – even in a war?  You need to fire the bunch of them.  If they haven’t accomplished something wonderful by their second tour they need to go.  Running this country is a team effort.  We can’t get anything done with multiple and conflicting game plans.  If our elected leader offers a plan the obligation of the rest of the team is to make it work not fail.  Imagine how great we could be!

According to the polls that our politicians so highly value, more than 85 percent of Americans favor the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment, yet it was killed in the Senate by a vote of 50-48.  How did your senator vote and how do you suppose that could happen?  Not a clue?  Don’t you usually sit there rubbing your big head saying, “Fer the life of me, I don’t know why those politicians do such things.”  Then you get another beer, belch and switch the channel.  It’s simple, couch butt.  They do it because you let them.  You don’t vote, and they know it.  Take a look at the voting statistics for 1960 – 1996 and the statistics for the 2000 election.  They know that on any given General Election Day, more than half of you will find something better to do than decide the direction of our country.  You go nuts if someone might infringe on one of your constitutional rights, but you fail to exercise your most important one.  It’s pitiful.

You let whacked out Hollywierdos set the tone of debate and morality in this country with their immoral nonsense.  And you know what – you’ll stand in line for hours to get tickets to see them make fools of you, but won’t spend 10 minutes in line at the polls to vote.  You deserve them.  In many countries around the world, people only dream of having a voice in running their country yet you don’t go vote if it’s raining or if it interferes with your favorite episode of reality TV.   Do you remember Saddam’s last election?  He got 98 percent of the vote.  The other 2 percent of voters went into the wood chipper.

I also see you in Church a couple of times each week.  You’re always lamenting how the morals of this country are going down the toilet and how sad it is that “they” are systematically removing God from our lives.  You’re the foundation of values in this country.  You’re bound by your faith to do what’s right.  Well here’s a little insight for you my brethren.  According to Focus on the Family, more than four million of us who proclaim the Christian faith failed to vote in the last General Election.  So, whose fault is the state of our country?  I’ll ask you to pray about that.

We have thousands of young men and women putting their lives on the line daily to ensure our continued right to express our desires in the form of a vote.  Their job is much tougher than ours is.  All we have to do is go to the polls.  Are you going to let them down by not voting?  In case you’ve forgotten, there was a major issue with their ballots in the 2000 election.  Let’s not let them down.  You military leaders need to get the troops registered and their absentee ballots in the mail.  Don’t wait for the designated Second Lieutenant to get the job done.

I’m tired of unprincipled politicians that will not risk their political standing to do what’s right.  I’m tired of people who want to drag my family and me into the moral cesspool with them.  I’m tired of people who are more concerned with the seat of power than the safety of our soldiers and our country.  I’m tired of American voter apathy.  But, you know what.  I’m only one guy.  I can’t do much about this stuff alone.  I’m voting on election day.  What are you doing?

Get registered!  Go Vote!  Any questions?

Your may carry on!


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J.D. Pendry is author of The Three Meter Zone, Random House/Ballantine.

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