Islamic Fundamentalist, the Left and America

Posted: 18 Jun 2004 in Politics

I have had enough of the Bs.

Islamic fundamentalists kill another innocent hostage.

When is the left going to wake up to the fact, that Islamic terrorists are the enemy, and not America?

I am completely furious about the liberal attitude that America is to blame for all their woes.

America didn’t start a fight with terrorists.
America can’t feed the world.
America can’t bail out every country that has a disaster.
America can’t send troops to every piss hole on the planet.
America can kick butt.
America will kick butt.
America doesn’t need liberalism, liberalism sure as hell needs America though!
The left in America just need to shut the hell up. If you don’t like our brand of freedom, get the hell out! Move to one of the Islamic countries that you desperately support.

Quit belly aching about Abu Ghraib and get with the program. A terrorist with panties on his head is not torture. Some of you liberal wackos probably pay good money for that service from your local professional.

Beheading an innocent civilian captive is, by all accounts, an atrocity. The shit heads in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo have never had it so good. They are fed, have a roof over their nasty heads and are given all manner of religious items to fullfil their needs.

It is high time that America wake up and smell the coffee.
Islamic terrorists want to kill you. Read it again if it didn’t sink in. Islamic terrorists want to kill you (just in case you missed it).

It has become apparent to me that the left would rather see America lose a war.
Guess what moron? If America loses this war, you can forget about your freedom!

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