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I am being lazy this month. I am on vacation and really don’t feel like writing. On that note, I am republishing, with permission, an article from J. D. Pendry.

Great minds think alike, as they say.

Without further ado, here’s J. D.’s article:

“We will carry on our jihad against the Western infidel and the Arab apostate until Islamic rule is back on Earth,” Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

By about midweek, I usually have an idea about my topic for the Sunday afternoon rant. As they say over here in the hills, I waller it around in my head for a few days. I was set to discuss with you in depth the ramifications of the above quote, but I’ve changed my mind. If today’s discussion comes across as disjointed, blame it on the Christian Right. Just for the record, if you do not support killing babies, believe in God, think it’s OK to mention God in a public setting, believe that marriage is between a man and woman and attend church on a regular basis liberals define you as a right wing, Christian fanatic that’s a danger to the free world. So, blame it on my preacher. Right in the middle of this week’s sermon, I experienced an epiphany. No, it wasn’t a manifestation of a divine being that I experienced. Instead, it was the sudden manifestation of the essential nature or meaning of something. I figured out the Democrat party. It’s so simple it hurts, but maybe I’m the last guy to figure it out. Ted Kennedy is Michael Moore. Shave him, bathe him, give him a haircut, put him in a suit sewn by Omar the tent maker, give him breath that smells of gin and let him speak. Now argue with me that isn’t Chappie Ted talking. See, the mouth moves and hate America comes out.

The Democrat party endorsed Michael Moore’s “documentary”. The guest list at the debut included the Democrat National Party Chairman, Terry McAuliffe who stated it was a factual movie and Americans should see it. Moore’s stated purpose for the film is to affect the outcome of the general election. Seems to me like that’s the same as a variety campaign add. Also attending were Daschle, Harkin, Boxer… I don’t know if it’s factual or not. But, I doubt if it is. I won’t go see the movie. I don’t intend to put any money in Michael Moore’s pocket. Anyone who feels this way about my country and me needs to sell his “art” to the gullible – which, apparently, he is.

“They are possibly the dumbest people on the planet. …We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance. We don’t know about anything that’s happening outside our country. Our stupidity is embarrassing.” – Michael Moore in the London Mirror

Yes Michael, the simple fact that America has made you rich proves your statement. In this regard, our stupidity is embarrassing. I’m betting that your blind liberal followers are not even aware of your description of them – then again, maybe they are.

A vote for John Kerry is a vote for the ideology of Michael Moore. The Democrats also have Al Gore. Have you heard any of his bug-eyed, screaming speeches lately? The liberal media does not usually cover them because they don’t want you to know the true face of the Democrat party. Whacked out Al was almost President. If that doesn’t cause you to spend some time on your knees giving thanks, I don’t know what would. Al Gore is Michael Moore too. Tom Daschle, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are Michael Moore. Most of the new Democrat party is Michael Moore. That’s exactly who I want responsible for the security of America.

I’ve listened to much news, even from the propaganda networks, since 911. I’ve heard a lot of talk the past few days about al-Zarqawi and his latest audio message, but very few references to his above quoted statement. Abu Ghraib is still front page on many papers, while stories about the beheadings of innocent non-combatants have all but disappeared. Why do you think that is? Maybe as a nation, we are not willing to face the real threat. al-Zarqawi is a leader with many mindless followers. Their stated goal is earth under Islamic rule. I think I’ve figured out how we can get the real story of the terror threat into the mainstream media. The title of every story and its lead line must include the words low-carb, gay or, same sex marriage. No, I’m serious. Try this. Two gay terrorists showed up at Baghdad City Hall demanding a marriage license. When denied, they detonated the explosive belts they were wearing killing many workers of the new free Iraqi government. Or. Abdul tried the low-carb diet to lose weight, but was not successful. Even Richard Simmons couldn’t help. Desperate to lose weight and regain his self-esteem, Abul tried removing the fat with an explosive belt. Both would be lead stories on CNN and front page of the New York Times.

In my quest for knowledge, I did some research. I know you all love it when I do research. This time however, I used the liberal approach to research. It’s superficial and only to the point the information found supports my preconceived notions. I typed Chapaquidick in to Google and it asked me if I meant Chappaquiddick. After sorting that out, I looked at a few of the numerous sites on the topic. I was still in high school in 1969, so all I knew about Chappaquiddick was what I heard over the years. Here is what I discovered. The guest list for Ted’s party consisted of a few of his male associates and six women from the Robert Kennedy presidential campaign, one of which was Mary Jo Kopeckne who Ted would leave in his car at the bottom of the river and report 8 hours later (probably after he sobered up). Any regular person under the laws of the state would have been charged with manslaughter or possibly negligent homicide, but not a Massachusetts Kennedy.

I have it figured out. I believe Ted may suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. The photographs of intertwined, naked bodies and dog leashes brought back the memories of the stressful events of 1969. The panties on the head picture may have been the one that sent him into a total relapse. Michael Moore for President.

I’m JD and I approved this message.

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J.D. Pendry is author of The Three Meter Zone, Random House/Ballantine.

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Sometimes regurgitating an opinion that makes sense is the best course of action.

Also, if you would like to be a part of Protest Warrior, please check them out.

I have had enough of the Bs.

Islamic fundamentalists kill another innocent hostage.

When is the left going to wake up to the fact, that Islamic terrorists are the enemy, and not America?

I am completely furious about the liberal attitude that America is to blame for all their woes.

America didn’t start a fight with terrorists.
America can’t feed the world.
America can’t bail out every country that has a disaster.
America can’t send troops to every piss hole on the planet.
America can kick butt.
America will kick butt.
America doesn’t need liberalism, liberalism sure as hell needs America though!
The left in America just need to shut the hell up. If you don’t like our brand of freedom, get the hell out! Move to one of the Islamic countries that you desperately support.

Quit belly aching about Abu Ghraib and get with the program. A terrorist with panties on his head is not torture. Some of you liberal wackos probably pay good money for that service from your local professional.

Beheading an innocent civilian captive is, by all accounts, an atrocity. The shit heads in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo have never had it so good. They are fed, have a roof over their nasty heads and are given all manner of religious items to fullfil their needs.

It is high time that America wake up and smell the coffee.
Islamic terrorists want to kill you. Read it again if it didn’t sink in. Islamic terrorists want to kill you (just in case you missed it).

It has become apparent to me that the left would rather see America lose a war.
Guess what moron? If America loses this war, you can forget about your freedom!

President Ronald Reagan

Posted: 9 Jun 2004 in Politics

This post is for President Ronald Reagan.

I served under President Reagan for my first seven years in service, 1981-1988.

During that time, I saw the Army transform from a Vietnam hold-over to a force to be reconned with.

Our uniforms changed, our equipment and spare parts imoproved, we received more funds for training, and our morale improved steadily throughout his presidency.

If it were not for his support of the military, and the rebuilding of forces that he did, I probably would not have stayed in the Army.

It was my utmost honor and privelage to serve under his command.

In my opinion, he was the best.

God rest his soul.

I salute you Mr. President.

Commencement by J. D. Pendry

Posted: 7 Jun 2004 in Politics

Sometimes, I like to throw out another point of view that I find, hits the mark. This is one of them.


This time of year I keep a speech folded up in the back pocket of my Levis just in case I’m asked to give one. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t asked again this year. I may not get another chance, so I’m giving the speech to you. I promise it’s a short one. Problem is, the paper is worn out and creased, the ink is faded and there are holes in it. I can’t read it, so I’ll wing it. Ahem…

Some of you worked hard and achieved much while here. Because of your drive and desire to achieve, you’ll probably do well. Don’t however, be too full of yourselves. You may be educated, but the guy that picks up your garbage, polices your streets, defends your country and changes the oil in your car knows more about life now than you’re likely to learn anytime soon. He or she protects our country and keeps it working and moving. They matter. Keep them in mind while using your education, freedom and talents to make our country better.

Some of you cheated and manipulated your way through school. The party is over; life begins now. Your first employer will discover that you lack the basic skills your credentials imply you have. You’ll always be several steps behind those who worked hard while here. If you deal with your shortcomings, you may claw your way up to the lower rung of middle management – maybe mailroom supervisor. You’ll be angry most of your life – probably a drunk who binge drinks like a frat boy. You’ll blame everyone for your situation. You’ll grow kids in your image. There is probably not a reserved parking space in your future.

Some of you are so good at cheating and manipulating that you can convince most anyone that you were responsible for most everything that’s good. You’ve done it and will continue to do it so often that you’ll start believing it yourself. You should consider sales or politics.

Now that I have you off and running into your careers, I have some other thoughts to share with you.

Nobody owes you anything. If fact, it is you that owes. You owe your parents, your country and the literal thousands that contributed to you being where you are. You do realize that you had help?

Mom and Dad have given you enough. Leave home. Move out. Earn your own way. Remember Mom on Mother’s Day. Call her occasionally and visit at Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s enough. Leave them alone, they need time to remodel your room and spend your inheritance.

Political correctness destroyed candor for your generation. You’ll be noticed if you have the courage to call a football bat what it is. Some will dislike you for doing it, but having the courage to be honest and candid feels good.

Appearance counts, but so does character. Unless you’re going to be an actor, professional athlete or rock/rap star, tattoos and body piercing may be a problem for you. As is black nail polish, orange hair, split tongues and teeth jewelry.

Don’t show up to your first job interview with either your belly-button exposed or half of your butt hanging out of your trousers. The person that’s hiring you is hiring a representative of his or her company. Pierced belly-buttons and exposed buttocks probably isn’t the image they seek.

And Dude. If you don’t speak English now, learn. Hear what I’m sayin’?

Outward appearance is important, but how concerned are you with what’s inside you- your moral, ethical and spiritual self? This is what others see more so than your physical appearance. This is your character. Character endures. Outward appearances do not.

Become a citizen of the United States rather than a resident – a participant rather than a benefactor. Understand issues, be informed, and then vote. If you can’t do the first two don’t do the last. Otherwise, you’ll cancel the vote of someone who does understand and is informed.

Everyday requires you to make choices. They’re more significant than what you will wear today and what party you’ll attend this weekend. Choices come with consequences. Consider the consequences.

Also, question the logic. Smoking is bad. It might kill you and harm innocent others. Aborting babies, however, is freedom of choice. We glorify homosexuality on prime time television, but are horrified at the exposure of a female breast.

You hear a lot of negativism about America. Actually, most of what you read, hear and see about America is negative. Many are quick to point out what is wrong with America rather than what is right with it. Even our friends from other countries blame America for their misfortunes. Before you join the blame America campaign, do something. Pick a country, any country. Then ask: Has this country given more to America than has America to it? How many American citizens live in that country compared to the number of their citizens who choose to live here. If America is so bad, why do people risk their lives everyday just to come here and live?

Today’s world is like an episode of Star Wars. It’s the good force versus the evil dark side. There is no in between. There is no acceptable compromise. We will either win or lose. Choose sides wisely.

Sixty years ago today, America and its allies invaded German occupied France across the beaches of Normandy. Their task was to liberate Europe and save the world from Nazi tyranny. In that single day, there were more than 4,000 casualties. In the war to save the world from Japanese and Nazi domination, more than 400,000 Americans gave their lives. The surviving veterans of the war came home and built the strongest and freest nation the world has ever known. Because of what they endured and achieved during their lives, they’re often called America’s Greatest Generation.

Today, we face a treacherous enemy also bent on world domination. It’s a much different and more dangerous enemy because we can’t fix it to our front and overwhelm it. Since we engaged this war three years ago, we’ve suffered fewer casualties than in a single day of the last world war. Still at question is American will to continue the fight. The deepest threat to civilization since the Nazis is counting on your lack of will. Your contribution to corporations, grand inventions or political achievements will not define your generation. It’s your collective answer to the single question – Is America worth fighting for? – that will. How will history remember your generation?

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