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“Baby Killers”, the media has succeeded in their efforts to create a Vietnam like environment at home.

Now military personnel are being called “baby killers”, and this goes on at campuses where ROTC is held as well.

This is an utterly abhorrent behavior and is the wrong attitude towards our Armed Forces. Should someone say it to me, in my face, they will be eating their meals through a straw.

How dare anyone out there say this to any service member, past, present, or future!

It is the soldier, not the reporter who has given us the freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us the freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who gives us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.

This is a war that needs to be fought, anywhere, except on American soil.

If innocents die, it is a fact of war.

Innocent people died in the WTC attack on September 11, 2001. You do remember that, don’t you?

Innocent people are not killed by the US Armed Forces purposely. At times, they may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is a fact of war.

However, on that note, the enemy that we are fighting, has no morals, nor do they have any concern over the deaths of innocents that they cause, on a regular basis.

Nick Berg comes to mind. As well as those four contractors that were delivering aid.

But, to label any service member a baby killer out of spite and lack of support for this war, is absolutely asinine.

You have to be a complete idiot to do so.

Take it from me, a retired Army combat veteran; you put your own life in your hands when you do this. If it weren’t for the discipline and fortitude that the soldier has, you would at a minimum, be sucking dinner through a straw.

If you don’t like the policies of the current administration; so be it, take it out on them at the voting booth.

As for the soldiers, if you can’t say: “thank you for your service” and “have a nice day”, then shut the hell up. That soldier is there to protect this country and the freedoms that you obviously enjoy, try saying that in a dictatorship, such as the one we just liberated.

To a soldier, it doesn’t matter what party holds the office, they still follow the orders of the Commander in Chief.

By calling one a “baby killer”, you are not harming the president, you are harming that soldier’s pride and lowering his confidence in the American people that may lead to defeat.

Let’s not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory here.