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Moonbat Test

Posted: 4 Aug 2008 in Politics
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And our next contestant in the game of life:

I love this one. Dude hits a home run with this clue-bat.

Test: How to tell if you’re a moonbat

By Howie Carr

I don’t own the word “moonbat,” but I have had custody of it for a good long while now, and there are a couple of misconceptions I’d like to clear up.

First, a moonbat is not something you want to be, even in Arlington, where they have begun selling T-shirts that say, “Menotomy Moonbats.” Hey moonbats, lose the bat logo. Truth in advertising requires you to put on the front of your moonbat shirts a photo of Sen. Jim Marzilli, your hero, the perv in a Prius, with these words underneath:

“Sen. Marzilli Groped Me and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt.”

Instead, they try to redefine the word itself into a positive. As one Arlington moonbat told the Arlington Advocate, “A ‘moonbat’ is someone who’s willing to be a little bit of a dreamer.”


How many of these do you fit in? I figure if you fall into three, you’re a moonbat. By all accounts, that makes you a moron as well.

I still cannot fathom how half the population are a bunch of lemmings that continue to vote for democrats.

In this issue, we discover a couple of the asshat lefties think that nationalizing our oil refineries would be a good thing. I suppose you’ll be subsidizing it next.

Maxine Waters is a complete idiot communist and the people that voted for her, aren’t any brighter. Another moron on the left is Maurice Hinchey.

Hey dumb asses! Take a look at Venezuela and see how well nationalizing their oil has worked out for them.

You douche bags on the left really are fucking retarded.