Brady Campain Lies…

Posted: 30 Dec 2009 in Guns, Lies, Politics, Second Amendment
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The Brady bunch really pisses me off. They are huge in lying to the public and fudging the numbers to make their case.

There are people that take them to task at every opportunity, and Howard Nemerov is one of them. He does it with the facts and his research on the matter is impeccable.

Here’s his latest on the nut jobs over there at the Brady bunch.

Guns, women, and the Brady Campaign
By Howard Nemerov

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence believes that keeping firearms in the home is dangerous for women. But recent research indicates that their conclusion has little factual support.

On a page entitled “Facts, Studies and Reports,” the Brady website references a 1997 study originally published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. This study surveyed just three counties across the country, which the authors called an “analysis of a large population.” The authors’ conclusion: “keeping a gun in the home is associated with increased risk of both suicide and homicide for women.”


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